Email Print: Using Gmail

Using a Gmail Account for Both Email Print and Outgoing Mail with EveryonePrint.

Gmail provides the interface for retrieving incoming mail through the POP and IMAP protocols. Both protocols are supported by EveryonePrint but POP is NOT recommended as per Google's own best practices (in Google's words: "POP is prone to losing messages or downloading the same messages multiple times"), so we strongly recommend to use IMAP.

Gmail for Email Print:

Warning: never test Email print incoming mail with a real user's email account, or you risk to delete all its Inbox content. Always create/use a dedicated Email box for that purpose.

  1. Create a dedicated Gmail account. It’s recommended you use a describing account name that is easy for the end-users to remember. A good example would be
  2. Once the Gmail account is created you need to enable the IMAP protocol so third party apps like EveryonePrint are able to retrieve the email from the mailbox.
  3. To enable IMAP for the account log into the Gmail Webpage and select the   in the upper right corner. Then from the drop down menu select Settings.
  4. The account settings are now displayed.
  5. Select the Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab.
  6. Then under the IMAP Access section select Enable IMAP 
  7. Select Save Changes. The account is now prepared for use with EveryonePrint.
  8. Open the EveryonePrint Admin web page and log on using the Admin account.
  9. Select the Settings tab from the top menu and then select Email Print from the menu on the left.
  10. Fill out the Email Print Address, for Mail server type select IMAP SSL. The Mail server address for Gmail IMAP is
  11. Under the Incoming Mail Server settings provide the Gmail account credentials .
  12. Select the Test Incoming Mail Settings option, this will ensure a test is performed when the settings are saved. At the bottom of the page select Save Changes. The status of the test of the settings is shown at the top of the web page. If the settings test successfully you will see: 
  13. The incoming mail settings for Gmail are now successfully configured.

Issues with Gmail Setup:

Gmail and Less Secure Apps

Google has enhanced default security on Gmail accounts, so you may be receiving this error when testing the connection:Selection_538

Then you need to enable access to 'Less secure apps' in Google.

See Google Account Help Center Response for an explanation.

Go to your Gmail account:

  1. In Gmail click your icon on the top right and click [My account]
  2. Select "Sign-in & security" on the left menu
  3. Scroll down to "Connected apps & sites" or go directly Google Account - Less Secure Apps
  4. Turn ON "Allow less secure apps"

 Gmail and 2-Step Verification enabled:

If you have configured your Gmail account with 2-Step Verification enabled you will get an error message when testing the connection like:mceclip0

To circumvent this error you need to create an App password in your Gmail account:

  1. In Gmail click your icon on the top right and click [My account]
  2. Select "Sign-in & security" on the left menu
  3. Scroll down "Signing in to Google"
  4. Chose "App passwords" (your password is requested)
  5. Select the app and device you want to generate the app password for
  6. Click 'Select App'
  7. Chose "Other (Custom name)"
  8. Enter "EveryonePrint Email Print" and click [Generate]
  9. Copy the 16 digits code
  10. Use this code as password in Email print setup


Gmail for Outgoing Mail:

  1. From the Settings menu on the Admin web page select Outgoing Mail.
  2. For the Server use, for the Port use 587Use SSL is No and Use TLS is Yes. (see Google Gmail Help Center Response )
  3. Provide the Gmail account credentials in the Username and Password fields.
  4. Populate the Customer Information section with the Company name and the Sender email address. Typically the same email address is used for the Sender email address as the Email Print Address that’s configured for the incoming email. Emails that are sent from the application, such as emails containing release codes, are branded with this info.
  5. Under the Send Test Email section lower on the web page provide an email address and check the Send test email option. This will ensure a test is performed when the settings are saved to see if EveryonePrint can send emails.
  6. Select Save Changes at the bottom of the page. If the settings are correct the following message is shown on the web page: 
    gmail-setup_06The Email print feature is now successfully configured to use Gmail for incoming and outgoing mail.


  • Consult Gmail support Google Gmail Help Center Response.
  • If Incoming emails are not arriving:
    Verify and/or enable Debug in Admin Console -> General settings
    Check log file <EOP-Install-Dir>\logs\eopapp_yyyy_mm_dd.log for any logged errors.
  • If Outgoing emails are not received, please refer to This Print Support Center Article.

If you're in doubt, contact EveryonePrint Support and provide config and log files following the guidelines here Creating Debug Log Files for Support.