We're Committed to our Corporate Social responsibility

We think globally and act locally. Our commitment centers on safeguarding an open and fair marketplace where everybody thrives.


Y Soft Protects Transparent and Competitive Business

Supporting the arts, environment, and social causes is crucial, with many firms dedicating CSR efforts here. However, at Y Soft, we direct our CSR towards vital business protections, fostering both prosperity and positive social change.


Democratic Legislation

Businesses and employees must work under a transparent government that uses legal lobbying to propose, enact, and protect democratic legislation. NGOs dedicated to this area need support for their financial operations. At Y Soft, we partner with and support Reconstruction of the State (CZ).

Our Corporate Social Responsibility program focuses on legislation-related activities in the Czech Republic.


Watch Dogs for Integrous Journalism

Implementing transparent laws marks a crucial beginning for democracy in the Czech Republic. Yet, the effectiveness of a checks-and-balances system hinges on the ability of swift, professional journalism to uncover and highlight critical issues. We support The National Fund for Independent Journalism (NFNZ) by contributing to the funding of individual investigative projects.

Activities under the Watch Dogs pillar of our CSR program are based in the Czech Republic.

Watch dogs

We Support our Civic Society

Our corporate values encourage employees to be proactive, energetic, enthusiastic, ethical, and open, and we aim to expand this involvement to our local communities.

Employees are encouraged to donate to charities—be it a non-profit, NGO, or individual—on their own or as a group, with company funds. Participation in charitable activities leads to a larger company donation, fostering significant community impact.

These activities are conducted in the employees' home countries, with the exception of those prohibiting foreign donations. Employees are encouraged to make a company-funded donation to the charity of their choice in line with the Y Soft CSR Fund Statute.

Civic society

Digital Transformation and

As an IT company, we are deeply involved in Digital Transformation, where businesses can freely move between paper and digital worlds. This principle extends to governmental processes as well.

In close collaboration, Y Soft has partnered with the Czech branch of the Open Society Fund, embarking on a project to transform the Czech government's operations into a digital-first environment.

digital transformation&egovernment