For students

We give the utmost priority to those who long to gain work experience and valuable knowledge during their studies. Interested?

For Students

Fresh minds bring fresh ideas, and that's what we are all for. That's why we open paid internship position in various departments when the capacity allows. Many YSofters started as interns here, and we witnessed their careers grow over the years. 
You can also write your thesis under our Research and Development department's supervision. Projects our students work on can be more than a brilliant academic achievement. They have a real business impact.  
Choose your path or combine both!


At Y Soft, we don't believe in internships that relegate you to the sidelines. Instead, we throw you right into the action, working on real-world projects that make a difference. 

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We open our doors to students in tech and cooperate closely with universities. We highly recommend and prefer the internship-thesis collaboration route in R&D. 

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