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At Y Soft, we're not just masters of print management, robotic solutions or hardware development; we're champions of creative chaos.

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Picture this:

No stuffy managerial structures, just a fertile ground for ideas to flourish. We may have sprouted into a global giant, but the startup mindset is always keeping us ahead of the game.  Joining the Y Soft team means embracing change and actively contributing to inventive solutions.  
Hop on the roller coaster!

The Y Soft Way of working

  • Innovate with Freedom: We believe in giving you the autonomy and trust you need to innovate and take ownership of your projects. No micromanagement here! 
  • Manager-less: Decisions are made collaboratively within the teams. Embrace a culture where everyone's voice is valued. 
  • Agile and Adaptable: We thrive on adaptability. Be part of a team that can pivot and respond quickly to emerging opportunities. 
  • Focus and Predictability: By knowing the business context, we maintain a clear direction and prioritize effectively to achieve our goals.

Y Soft Culture

Collaborative Spirit: We believe in teamwork. Collaborate with like-minded individuals who are passionate about their field. 

Work-Life Balance: We value your well-being. Enjoy a flexible schedule and remote work options that suit your lifestyle.  

Diverse & Inclusive: We celebrate diversity! Be part of a company that embraces different backgrounds, perspectives, and ideas.  

Regular Company Events: We know how to have fun! Enjoy team-building activities, game nights, and more.  


Students are welcomed  

  • Real-World Application: Theses written in collaboration with an internship have a unique advantage.  Your work won't gather dust on a shelf; it'll be used, helping us drive innovation and success. 
  • Seamless Integration: We understand the importance of your education, and we'll work closely with you to ensure your internship fits seamlessly into your school schedule.  
  • Networking Opportunities: Network with professionals, build lasting connections, and open doors to exciting career opportunities. 



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Are you a seasoned professional looking for new opportunities? Or are you still studying but have valuable experiences you want to leverage? Either way, see how we can work together.

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