We open our doors to students in various departments and cooperate closely with universities.

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Topics our students work on are a real deal connected to our business issues, not just a great but soon-forgotten academic achievement. We will help you choose the right topic related to our area of expertise and will be with you throughout the process. 
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Our Tech Stack

When it comes to technology, we're fluent in various tech languages and tools, and we're always hungry for more. You can expect to encounter Scala, Svelte, Java, .NET, Rust, AWS, React, Azure and more!  
Our tech stack


While we welcome interns in all our departments, the Research & Development department hosts all our thesis adventures. Got the academic drive, but no thesis topic in mind yet? Let's figure it out together.

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Be part of the team

When you take this journey, you become a valued member of ourteam. You'll be right in the thick of things, collaborating with experts in the field, and gaining invaluable experience along the way. It's like getting a backstage pass to the world of tech innovation. 

Be part of the team

Take the extra step

We highly recommend and prefer the internship-thesis collaboration route in R&D. Theses written in collaboration with an internship have a unique advantage. They are grounded in real-world challenges and have a direct impact on our products and business. 

take the extra step

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Are you a seasoned professional looking for new opportunities? Or are you still studying but have valuable experiences you want to leverage? Either way, see how we can work together.

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