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Y Soft Ventures

Y Soft Ventures is a VC arm of Y Soft Corporation providing top startups in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) with all the necessary capital, resources and expertise to accelerate their path to the global markets
our value We provide startups with the following:
Do you need visibility in major markets?
Our Silicon Valley professionals will help with strategy and global PR.
Programming challenges?
Just ask any of our 120+ developers and support professionals.
Finance management
Finance management
Regulatory Compliance issues in Japan?
No problem. We take care of your finances on a global scale.
Global presence
Global presence
Do you need to act local in Tel Aviv or Lima?
Got it! With 16 global offices and 100+ Y Softers worldwide, nothing on earth will stop us.
Feeling overwhelmed as a CEO?
No worries! We will guide you on how to build a well managed and smooth operating company.
Sales & support
Sales & support
We sell in 120+ countries.
Need we say more?

Your Profile

  • Team Must have a motivated leadership able to do business.
  • Competitive advantage Must know how to maintain a competitive edge.
  • Financial Projection Must have a sound business plan.
  • Product Must solve a real problem.
  • Technology Innovative solution in HW & SW.
  • Market Opportunity Must be globally scalable.
  • Validation Must have paying customers at the time of investment.

Investment Approach

Y Soft creates and sells its own hardware and software so we naturally invest in companies that share the same passion and provide them with what we know. We focus on building the company management and processes from the ground up by educating the founders step-by-step to achieve profitable global operations. We welcome other investors to join us or to co-invest. Please contact us!
Our Companies
Lets talk!
Václav Muchna
CEO & Co-Founder, Y Soft
Started Y Soft from scratch and has been delivering double-digit growth for the last 10 years. Period.
Miloš Sochor
Managing Partner, Y Soft Ventures
Previously worked as a corporate banker in the USA, financing some of the biggest companies. Since moving back to the Czech Republic, Miloš has helped hundreds of startups grow. He loves motorcycles.
+420 725 177 259
Ondřej Krajíček
Chief Technology Officer, Y Soft
Inspires our startups to find solutions to seemingly impossible technological problems in order to evolve their product, technology, or the entire business. Software Architect and Engineer by heart.
Aleš Michl
Advisory Board, Y Soft Ventures
Aleš Michl is one of the most influencing Czech economist. He has 10 years of experience as Chief Investment Officer at Raiffeisenbank. Ales is a member of Council of Economic Advisors for Czech Ministry of Finance.
Viktor Fiala
Financial Manager, Y Soft Ventures
Viktor previously worked for Ernst & Young. As a financial auditor, he provided various Assurance & Advisory business services to both multinational and Czech corporations.
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