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For Partners and Resellers

With support, training and marketing programs, we are a partner you can count on to be invested in your business success.

High-quality and reliable products


The YSoft SAFEQ workflow solutions platform is a proven way to centralize print management and to create customized document workflows. Reducing printing and copying costs, increasing printing security and availability, and streamlining employee workflow – these are the key benefits your customers will enjoy once you have implemented YSoft SAFEQ. YSoft SAFEQ includes a robust set of features that may be combined according to the needs of your individual customers. Additionally, Y Soft provides both the software and the hardware for a comprehensive solution. For you, that means you have only one contact, one agreement and one service desk when purchasing and supporting customers.

3D Printing Solutions

Y Soft is focused on providing the most reliable and cost efficient 3D printing solutions in Education.  YSoft be3D eDee is the first 3D print solution that offers a 3D printer integrated with print management and an accounting system.

Partner Benefits

Fast and 24/7 available technical support

Our technical support is available to you 24/7. Technical specialists assist with YSoft SAFEQ’s implementation, while also providing customers with extensive support, answering questions and dealing with incidents. In the event of an emergency, teams of experienced technicians are located around the world to provide flexible help on the ground.

Business and marketing support

Y Soft has a network of dedicated regional sales managers supporting your sales efforts. Located in over 16 countries, they can assist in local time zones and in your local language. We have prepared a wide range of marketing materials for our partners: from printed brochures and roll-ups through presentations and case studies to product videos – many in your local language. You can choose the exact materials suited for your customer’s needs. A regularly issued electronic newsletter is designed to provide you with the latest news on our products, our company and the latest materials for partners.

Technical and sales training

State-of-the-art online or on-site training sessions are available to you anytime, anywhere. Our electronic university courses will help you learn how our solutions work and how to sell the products successfully. If you prefer direct contact with a lecturer, you can opt to take advantage of technical training courses held directly at our Brno headquarters.

Partner Reward Program

Become a Y Soft partner and join a technology leader that supports more than 20,000 businesses and organizations across multiple industries in more than 120 countries. As a member of the Y Soft Partner Reward Program, you’ll have all the resources required to sell and support Y Soft products. Once your organization is approved as a Y Soft Partner and is registered on the Y Soft Partner Portal, you will have access to a range of exclusive benefits, based on the level of partnership.

The Partner Reward Program is currently offered for the YSoft SAFEQ workflow solutions platform only (excludes resellers or service/support providers of 3D printers at this time).

Types of Y Soft Partners

Authorized Reseller

This type of Partner is a company that sells MFDs (multifunction devices) or other IT related products or services and has an extensive customer base. Benefits include generous discounts from the start of your partnership with Y Soft. No Y Soft technical training is required. Y Soft Direct customer support applies for all Partners’ customers where the standard partner price includes Direct Support service.
Authorized Channel Partner

This type of Partner is a company with an established reseller channel for MFD or software and services providers. Y Soft Authorized Channel Partners never sell directly to the end customers. Benefits include generous discounts from the start of your partnership with Y Soft.
Authorized Service Partner

This type of Partner is a company that provides software services and solutions to an extensive customer base. Benefits include generous discounts from the start of your partnership with Y Soft.
Authorized Global Partner

This type of Partner is a global company that supplies MFDs and/or print environment solutions. This partner closely cooperates with Y Soft on future product development and current product enhancements and updates.

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