YSoft SAFEQ Chrome Print Extension Privacy Policy

Within Y Soft, we are committed to protecting your privacy and ensuring the security of your data.
This also applies to users of the SAFEQ Chrome extension.

What information is collected and how is it used?

Before you start using the YSoft SAFEQ Chrome Print extension, you are required to sign-in to your Chrome browser if you are not already signed in. During the first usage of the extension, the Chrome browser shows a consent page with information about data that is collected from your session. For the proper function of the extension, the following data are processed:

  • first name
  • last name
  • mail address
  • print job metadata

YSoft SAFEQ Chrome Print extension processes print job data. The print job flow is as follows:

  • Chrome browser prepares a Binary Large OBject (BLOB), a collection of binary data stored as a single entity of the print job in PDF format together with metadata about the print job,
  • YSoft SAFEQ Chrome Print extension sends BLOB and metadata to the configured YSoft SAFEQ Chrome Print backend server,
  • YSoft SAFEQ Chrome Print backend server prepares a document ready for print and sends it to the YSoft SAFEQ server,
  • The user can release the print job at the multifunction printer, which is managed by YSoft SAFEQ, which accepts the print job.

​All data and information are collected locally via YSoft SAFEQ servers and processed by administrators of the YSoft SAFEQ solution. None of those data are transmitted directly or indirectly to Y SOFT and Y SOFT does not collect or process any of those data, with exception to installations administrated by Y SOFT. 

This Privacy Policy applies only to using YSoft SAFEQ Chrome Print extension in cooperation with the YSoft SAFEQ Chrome Print backend server and YSoft SAFEQ. This Privacy Policy is not applicable to any information collected via channels other than configuration above.

If you have additional questions or require more information about collecting and processing your data, please contact the administrator of your YSoft SAFEQ solution.