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We Might be Looking for Businesses Like Yours

We are continuously seeking out inspiring projects. At Y Soft Ventures, we support early-stage technology startups or any other startup that can benefit from our expertise and know-how. We commonly look for these qualities in the startups we fund:

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Hardware and Software

Your technology solution has the potential to help businesses across the world run smarter. It can be built as a hardware or software solution, or a combination of both.

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Business to Business

Your product or service is tailored for use by and designed for companies, businesses, or government bodies.


Global Potential

Your solution is applicable in the global market and can drive value for different businesses in different areas of the world.


Market Validation

You can demonstrate market acceptance of your solution, better yet, have achieved some revenue.

At Y Soft Ventures, We've Got a Technology Focus

Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) represents the focal point of our investment strategy. We believe combining hardware and software and leveraging the value of devices connected through various networks will fundamentally change how we live, work, and run businesses.


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Shaping the Future & Pioneering Innovation

Here's how Y Soft Ventures builds a commitment to transformative technologies, where innovative solutions redefine corporate efficiency and quality of life.

Industry 4.0

Some call it Industry 4.0, while others call it Smart Factory or Industrial Internet of Things. What we are looking for are solutions that disrupt the current approach to manufacturing and adjacent processes while creating cost and efficiency-related value.

Smart Office

When we talk about Smart Office solutions, we mean all technologies, hardware, or software, that build intelligent workplaces and allow employees to do their best work, boosting not only their productivity but also engagement and satisfaction.

Retail 2.0

Retail is an ever-changing industry shaped by many trends and challenges. While there are many approaches to solving problems in this area, we are particularly curious about solutions that help retailers run more efficiently and provide their customers with better value.

Smart City

Although there are many aspects of Smart Cities, we are mainly interested in how new technologies can provide sustainable solutions to infrastructure problems and improve the quality of life for urban citizens.

Cyber Security

Our focus on Cyber Security is deeply linked to IoT development. We seek complex solutions that respond to current virtual threats as well as emerging challenges from the increasing penetration of IoT networks and devices.


Cyber Security

Big Data & Analytics

As the advancement of new technologies leads to inconceivable amounts of data, we see enormous challenges—and opportunities—in data. Solutions that help businesses efficiently process their data and fully leverage its value will likely pique our interest.


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Augmented & Virtual Reality

In augmented and virtual reality (AR and VR), we are keen on B2B-oriented solutions that take a different angle on challenges brought by Smart Office, Smart Factory, or Retail 2.0 trends. Since B2C doesn't float our boat, we are not looking for consumer-facing AR/VR applications.
Augmented reality

A Portfolio We're Proud Of

Hear From Our Ventures

Here's a look at how our portfolio companies are leading the charge in transformative technology, as told through their experiences and successes.


Martin BasilaFounder, Sensoneo


The value Y Soft Ventures brings by sharing Y Soft’s business and technical know-how and the management, marketing, and production support they provide means much more to us than "just" the investment. Their knowledge and expertise helped us build our pricing strategy, company branding, and partner network program.

Get to know Sensoneo

Milan SimekFounder, Sewio Networks


Our participation with Y Soft Ventures started in 2015. Now, we are successfully operating in over 40 countries around the world. Thanks to personal consultations with Y Soft managers, we have professionally entered the demanding industry segment of sustainable factory digitization, where our technology is becoming a crucial part of customers’ long-term strategies.

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Here's How We Can Help You

We deliver real value by guiding startups in key business areas even before the investment closes.


Strategic Management

Y Soft senior leaders are here to help you tackle any strategic challenge you might face. You can meet them during quarterly board meetings or through one-on-one consultations.

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Financial Management

We help you efficiently manage your finances so that you have all the information you need to make strategic decisions and comply with relevant best practices and regulations.

Customer support

Sales and Support

Successfully bringing products to market globally and supporting customers worldwide takes know-how, and startups can benefit from our experience and contacts. You can leverage our global presence when entering foreign markets.

Core value - Be driven


Are you unsure about your positioning, messaging, and marketing strategy? Y Soft’s global team of marketing professionals can guide you through their development and execution.


Research and Development

Producing hardware is hard, but we can make it a little easier by providing access to Y Soft’s prototyping and testing facilities, including environmental or electromagnetic test chambers.



Y Soft manufactures its own hardware. We are happy to share our know-how and manufacturing facilities, making your production effective, economical, and agile as your company grows.


Global Operations

Building a global business is no easy feat; we've been there. Our team of experts is ready to share our experience on partnerships, logistics, certifications—you name it.

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Legal Matters

Creating the “next big thing” is a complex enough task, so let’s not get distracted by legal issues. With the help of Y Soft's legal department, you will have all the bases covered.

Employee Equity Handbook

The Employee Equity Handbook was developed by the Y Soft Ventures team as a guide for startup entrepreneurs about employee shares in the Czech Republic.

It answers questions such as, "Why should I start an employee equity program? How should it be implemented? How can I talk about it with my colleagues?" While it was first created for the startups within our portfolio, we're making it available to anyone looking for an effective tool to attract, retain, and motivate their employees.

The handbook is intended for Czech readers, as it maps the Czech legal and tax frameworks. Therefore, it is available only in the Czech language.

You can download the latest edition of the handbook here. It reflects the changes in tax legislation effective from 2024 and incorporates experience gained since the first version was published.

Download the handbook
Employee Equity Handbook



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