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Merge Your Worlds: Manage All Prints Seamlessly, In One Go 

Transform your print infrastructure with 3D print management, a solution that unites your 2D and 3D printing worlds.

3D Print Management

Manage 2D and 3D Printing Simultaneously

Consolidate your fleet of 2D and 3D printers, access everything from one pane of glass, and leverage powerful print management and cost-tracking features on all your devices.


Control Access to your 3D Printers

Securing printer access benefits IT administrators and faculty alike. By regulating use, schools can enhance 3D print experiences for the students who benefit from it. Simple authentication allows students to print from any 3D printer, keeping the models securely locked away until retrieved.


Keep your Printing Costs Down

Utilize an accounting system for insights into your material needs and print time estimates before starting your 3D print job. Get detailed reports on jobs, including material usage and printer details, and monitor usage and costs. Introduce a pay-per-print scheme to help absorb 3D printing costs and make the system self-sustaining.


Push the Boundaries of Creativity with BE3D

3D Pull Printing

Print Authentication

The system effectively assigns user rights and workflows to guarantee secure device access. The BE3D solution asserts user identification to safeguard prints and maintain control over costs.


Print Roaming

Up your security with secure pull-printing from any printer in the environment using just one print driver. And don't worry, it's scalable from one office to global enterprises.


Reporting and Audits

Get on-the-go print insights with fact-based audits of print, copy, and scan usage. Leverage pre-defined or custom reports, including green reports.

Credit and billing

Credit and billing

The system fully supports pay-for-services and page quotas and ensures accurate billing for individuals, groups, or specific billing/project codes.

Transform Education in Your Classrooms

YSoft BE3D eDee is a modern, automated printer equipped with an intuitive touch-screen panel. The 3D printer is designed to foster active learning and inspire new levels of student engagement.

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Global Independent Survey Results Confirm

It's Hard to Control 3D Printing Costs

45% of respondents said the costs of stand-alone 3D printers are high and difficult to control. Therefore, 3D printers get locked, and students can not freely use them, limiting their benefits.

3D Printers End Up Underutilized

31% indicate that their 3D printers are underutilized. Locking 3D printers limits students' access to them, which is especially troublesome when printing times are much longer than with paper printers.

Educators Need Help Incorporating 3D Printing

35% of the survey respondents explain a need for ideas and materials to incorporate 3D printing into lesson plans seamlessly and intentfully.

Unclear Fleet Responsibility

IT teams manage the 3D printer fleet in 50% of the surveyed schools. While IT manages 2D print fleets nearly 100% of the time, there is no clear mandate on who manages 3D printers.

3D Print Management vs. Stand-Alone 3D Printers


Stand-Alone 3D Printer

3D Print Management Solution

Ability to manage secure access to the printer for students and faculty
Door locks during printing for safety and to secure the finished 3D project
Network enabled
Fact-based reporting on 3D printer usage
Comprehensive administrative control
Extendable print management features for 2D (paper) fleet

Inspiring the Next Generation with
YSoft BE3D

We're not the only ones who love BE3D! Dig through firsthand experiences from the users who are shaping the future with the YSoft BE3D.

Gymnasium des Schulvereins Komensky in Vienna


Being able to print these objects makes teaching easier because the students can see and touch these surfaces—not just imagine them. The adage of “Seeing is Believing” holds true, and that makes a huge difference.

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Technical School Prosek

Prosek logo

After a brief initial interest, schools often obtain a 3D printer, but their use gradually decreases until it stops completely. In this area, we have drawn on a range of experiences (thanks to YSoft be3D eDee) and are glad to help others implement 3D printing into their teaching.

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