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Safe, Precise Printing at Your Fingertips

YSoft BE3D creates unique hands-on learning experiences that bring academic achievement to life.

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3D Print Solution

Transform Education Within Your Classroom Walls

Say goodbye to paper, projectors, and books. Let students get creative, from concepts to creation, with 3D printers on hand. YSoft BE3D is a modern, fully automated printer, perfect for bringing new life into your classrooms.

Provide Secure Access to Innovative Learning Tools

Make innovative tools accessible to students without fearing the next electricity bill. The BE3D 3D printers are only accessible through user logins. You can remain confident that only authorized users can utilize the printers, keeping devices and objects secure and costs down.


Easy-to-Grasp, Intuitive Interface

What's it like using BE3D eDee? The retractable touch-screen control panel is easy to learn and use for students and staff alike. Users can process their print jobs, estimate the print time, and receive emails when models are done. Administrators can seamlessly control printer settings and do basic maintenance.


Elevate Student Designs to the Third Dimension

The eDee printer is part of a comprehensive 3D print management solution designed for the Education industry.

Explore 3D Print Management

3D Printing in 3 Simple Steps with YSoft BE3D


Prepare model for 3D layering (DeeControl)


Send the print job to YSoft SAFEQ for printing
on the BE3D eDee 3D printer


Prepare the printer and print!
Collect the model once the printing has finished



Fuel New Levels of Practical Learning with 3D Printing

BE3D 3D printer Secure Access to 3D Printers

Easily manage who has access to your 3D printers and ensure any produced models are collected by the right owner through authentication.

2D & 3D print management Unify 2D and 3D Print Management

Leverage YSoft SAFEQ for both your 2D and 3D printers and consolidate your print management and reporting to be accessible from one pane of glass.

Filament Material Efficiency

Whether your students are producing prototypes, testing design theories, or finishing projects, the economical printer uses the most widely available PLA print materials efficiently.

3D Pull Printing Increased Productivity

Pull printing boosts student and staff productivity by allowing them to access their print jobs even when the nearest printer is busy. Authorized users can easily pull-print the job to any 3D printer in the network.

Inspiring the Next Generation with
YSoft BE3D

We're not the only ones who love BE3D! Dig through firsthand experiences from the users who are shaping the future with the YSoft BE3D.


Gymnasium des Schulvereins Komensky in Vienna


Being able to print these objects makes teaching easier, because the students can see and touch these surfaces – not just imagine them. The adage of “Seeing is Believing” holds true. That makes a huge difference.

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Technical School Prosek

Prosek logo

After a brief initial interest, schools often obtain a 3D printer, but their use gradually decreases until it stops completely. In this area, we have drawn on a range of experiences (thanks to YSoft be3D eDee) and are glad to help others implement 3D printing into their teaching.

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