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University of West Bohemia Case Study

Motorbike 3D Model Printed on Be3D Printer

Customer PROFILE

The University of West Bohemia, Czech Republic, is a prestigious institution with nine faculties and many Bachelor’s, Master’s, and PhD programs. This vibrant academic community is dedicated to fostering research, innovation, and international collaboration.

An industrial design student at the University of West Bohemia in the Czech 
Republic, Josef Ludvik Böhm envisioned designing an electric motorbike that 
could be a practical transportation solution for people commuting between cities. This final project had to be validated by his professors before he could formally graduate. The YSoft BE3D printer was the perfect solution – helping him build high-quality scale models that were sure to impress.


Designing an electric motorbike is a complex undertaking. Böhm started with a model similar to a scooter. He developed an exciting new design with a unique chassis using CAD software, iteration after iteration.

Once he had perfected the design, it was time to see how all the components would go together. With the deadline for completing his final project looming, he considered fabricating the prototype by hand – but realized it would take too long. After investigating his alternatives, Böhm printed his prototype using a YSoft BE3D printer.


The YSoft BE3D printer is a high-quality, user-friendly, entry-level 3D printer ideal for product designers, schools, architects, interior design studios, hobbyists, fashion designers, and households. The sturdy, fully enclosed industrial design can print even the most intricate designs. Böhm knew that YSoft BE3D eDee could show his meticulous work to its best advantage.

YSoft BE3D printers utilize a touchscreen panel and DeeControl software to prepare pre-print models. Printed objects of any shape – up to a maximum size of 150 x 150 x 150 mm – can be quickly and efficiently produced using environmentally degradable polylactic acid (PLA) plastic made from cornstarch. The fully enclosed chassis eliminates any external factors that might influence print quality, and doors provide easy access to the finished product.

With a fantastic print resolution of up to 50 microns and automatic print bed calibration, Böhm says, “A YSoft BE3D printer is great for fast iterations to try different shapes. It’s perfect for creating ¼ to ½ scale prototypes.”

motorbike pieces


The final electric motorbike prototype was a great success. Böhm was able to 
produce a high-quality model and turn in his final project on time. “Without this technology, I could not have met my deadline,” says Böhm. Features he found particularly useful were the ability to print at various resolutions and the precision to easily produce even the most complex parts and design details.

“Different parts produce even the most complex parts and design details easily. The parts of my project were printed at different resolutions. It can deal with difficult overhangs and delicate pieces. It is an extremely robust system!”

The YSoft BE3D 3D printer would be great for students. It is more durable than other 3D printers I’ve seen. In my 
In my opinion, it is more efficient and has less waste.

Josef Ludvik Böhm, Industrial Design Graduate, University of West Bohemia

As a student, Böhm was on a tight budget. The YSoft BE3D printer allowed him to produce a prototype of his electric motorbike that he was proud of – and do it cost-effectively.

“If I had done it by hand, it would have taken a long time. The price was affordable too, better than other 3D printers.”