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Bring Learning To Life with BE3D

Get a complete, safe 3D print solution for your schools. YSoft BE3D combines 3D printers and a teacher-tested curriculum to create hands-on learning experiences.

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Seeing is Believing. Here's How it's done

Engage and inspire the young minds in your educational institution with immersive 3D printing learning experiences.

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3D Printing in Education: Immersive Learning

3D printing engages students with an immersive learning experience. The most complex subjects come to life when students learn by creating, touching, and experimenting with the subject matter. A 3D printer for the classroom is a great way to inspire tomorrow’s inventors, thinkers, and educators.


3D Printers in the Classroom: Safe by Design and Easy to Use

Safety is a common concern as 3D printing involves high temperatures and fast-moving parts. Open 3D printers are not a safe option, nor are do-it-yourself kits, as they are difficult to use and require constant configuration. eDee is a 3D printing solution designed with safety in mind, meeting the needs of teachers and IT.

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A kid-Friendly 3D Printer, a Teacher-Tested Solution

BE3D eDee is a 3D printer solution that combines a safe 3D printer with 3D print management software, assuring the efficient use of shared 3D printers.

It accurately tracks print activity and filament use, makes it easy to manage the print ecosystem, and helps students print self-sufficiently. BE3D's 3D layering software provides 3D print settings and user IDs with locking doors to keep individual 3D models safe.

BE3D in the classroom

Take advantage of our online BE3D Academy courses

eDee comes with the YSoft BE3D Academy, an online collection of 3D printing lesson plans, 3D print models, and more, designed to make it easy and fun to teach in 3D.

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The Ysoft BE3D Solution consists of

BE3D 3D printer BE3D eDee Printer

The YSoft BE3D eDee 3D printer is secure, compact, and ideal for educational environments with lockable doors and a retractable control panel.

SAFEQ 3D print management SAFEQ Print Management Software

3D print management enables efficient control of your 3D printing environment, including access, administration, and activity monitoring.

Dee Control software DeeControl Layering Software

DeeControl is an intuitive desktop app that adds 3D layering information to design files for printing. It automatically cuts the model into slices, generates tool paths, and calculates the required material.

Filament Y Soft Certified Filaments

The eDee printer uses PLA (polylactic acid) filament, an odorless and non-toxic, bio-degradable biopolymer that is safe for students.

Here's what the teachers love about BE3D

Don't just take our word for it when we say we love what value our BE3D printing solution can do for teachers like you! Here's what the teachers say.


Lukas RydloTeacher, Mathematics and Informatics, MATHIAS LERCH GYMNASIUM


“We are continuously amazed at what students create. The teachers here are happy that students are learning with an immersive tool and are developing useful skills.”

Simon CorkeronLearning Technology Consultant, Methodist Ladies’ College (MLC)

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“Using 3D printing allows students to visualize and see a physical model of their creation. It lets students problem-solve and start thinking about innovative ideas for the future. Access to this technology and the YSoft BE3D eDee printers have certainly enhanced the quality of innovative education MLC provides.”

Amy DuganTeacher, St. Thomas More School

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"The lessons in BE3D Academy are really good short videos, and it's wonderful that they are ISTE-certified. BE3D eDee was a great first experience.

Paul Von AhsenStudent at HTL 3 Rennweg College of Engineering in Vienna


“The BE3D printer has a good price for the quality – the quality is top-notch – and prints rather fast! By using the BE3D printer, we saved between 100 and 200 hours. And doing this project any other way would have cost 20 times more.”


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Learning comes to life

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Teacher using calipers to measure the accuracy of a 3D-printed gear with design software in the background

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Teaching STEAM subjects with 3D printing

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