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Manage Talent with the Clerbo Learning Experience Platform

Ever imagined Clerbo as a Learning Experience Platform (LXP)?

One of the most exciting things about developing new software is realizing that the platform you’ve worked on for years can actually do a lot more than you intended.

This was our experience with Clerbo. When we set out to create a pocket-size (or desktop-accessible) digital platform for screening job applicants and pre-boarding new hires, it never crossed our mind that we could (and would) end up with software for consolidating e-learning content to share with new and existing talent.

A learning experience platform (LXP) is a micro-learning solution within training technology delivered as software as a service (SaaS). LXPs were born out of a new approach to corporate learning, providing users with easily accessible e-learning content delivered from a pocket guide.

Clerbo, originally a tidy little onboarding app, has spread its wings and flown in unexpected directions, ones that promise to encompass the whole employment lifecycle. Read on to find out more!


You might wonder, " How did Clerbo end up on the LXP side of town?” Think about it. The first desktop computer was pretty much just a faster and quieter typewriter that let people store documents on a floppy disc or reams of tape. The first mobile phone wasn’t smart by any means, either.

These inventions are the product of imagination, once cutting edge, made by people who dared to break new ground.

Let’s put down the phone and step back from the app for just a minute, far enough to get a long, good view of what learning in the workplace can and does mean. A few things that come to mind are:

  • Learning the tasks you were hired to do
  • Learning the company culture
  • Learning about a product portfolio
  • Catching up on new company or team events if you’ve been away
  • Getting re-boarded after a period of absence (like maternity/paternity leave)
  • When a pandemic strikes, learning about policies and best practices for keeping the workforce safe

These are the kinds of workplace-related learning we’ve already talked about here, which are very HR-focused uses for the software solution.

However, Clerbo’s potential as a teaching and learning tool doesn’t end with filling out your tax statement and interfacing with the payroll department. More accurately, it’s just a first step.

Because so much powerful content is now both digitally available and copyright-free, the Clerbo team realized that 1) Clerbo can act as an anywhere, anytime classroom, and 2) any interested team leader or mentor can assemble course content on any subject and deliver it via the Clerbo app.

Oh, and that’s not just text, either. Clerbo is built to deliver audio and video content just as easily and effectively as it runs a PowerPoint presentation or shares a print article.



One of several engineering teams in your company has just developed a new functionality that promises to extend the market for your brand. How do you let your sales force know so they can alert their customers? Should you really have to wait for the big, in-person, twice-a-year sales meeting to get the news out?

No way, right? Instead, your development team can leverage Clerbo to spread the news and preview the newly improved product. The rest of the company can use Clerbo to catch up on these new developments via smartphone or desktop in an always-accessible learning environment. Through progress tracking and a built-in feedback loop, the development team learns about the adoption of knowledge and whether their colleagues like what they are taught.

While this is a big change from the days of the big tradeshows, it’s also a welcome one—not just because it promises to save weeks of time and bushels of money. How many people in a big audience walk away having learned everything they need to know in the last half hour? With Clerbo, the content is delivered in a way that truly persists. And it can come with sales training and simple quizzes to help folks measure their mastery of the material.

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Martin Mareš, Medior Program Agilist, Y Soft: 
"This year, we have rolled out four Cloud Academy modules. As a part of the initiative, we were not sure how to roll them out, especially to reach everyone in the company, as we were looking for several essential functionalities:
  • Knowing who passed the training and setting up a deadline
  • Ease-of-use and visibility of content
  • Simplicity of adding more trainees
  • Feedback option

At first, scheduling the training was not a breeze, but the team is doing a great job improving Clerbo, and rolling out the fourth Cloud Academy was way simpler. If I want to know who passed the training, I am just a few clicks away—and reaching feedback is the same. While there are things to make it even simpler, I know it is on the roadmap, and I am looking forward to using Clerbo further."
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FINAL Points

Clerbo is proving itself as a versatile, adaptable software solution suitable for any business or department with a learner’s mindset or a willingness to learn more faster. We’re proud to join a community of learning experience platform vendors on a mission to make knowledge easily accessible and fun.

The best learning experience platforms give users the flexibility to learn however and whenever they see fit. When we learned the new power behind Clerbo, we were eager to give that same agility to YSofters and employees across the globe.

With Clerbo, your employees get a personal learning portal, a pocket guide, that provides a broad overview of corporate learning with content aggregation, enables self-directed and handy learning, and gives users more control over their learning and development.

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