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Employee Experiences

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Employee Journey

Exceptional Employee Experiences are key to a productive and engaged workforce. The CLERBO platform is designed to nurture employees throughout their entire journey, from the moment they come on board to their offboarding.


Preboarding: Setting the Stage for Success

During the preboarding phase, it can take weeks before a newcomer officially joins the company. CLERBO bridges this gap by engaging the newcomer and building the relationship even before their first day.

Use Cases:

  • Preboarding Portal: Provide access to a preboarding portal where newcomers can complete necessary paperwork, watch introductory videos, and start familiarizing themselves with company policies.

  • Access to Important Information: Allow newcomers to access important information through a secure preboarding portal without needing company credentials, ensuring they are well-prepared and informed before day one.


Onboarding: Smooth Transition and Integration

The onboarding process is a pivotal moment that helps new employees adjust to their new responsibilities and the organizational culture. CLERBO delivers a streamlined and engaging onboarding journey.

Use cases:

  • Interactive Learning Modules: Create engaging course content using text, pictures, and videos. Incorporate self-evaluation quizzes to make the learning process interactive.

  • Task Coordination: Coordinating tasks for collaborators such as managers, buddies, and HR Business Partners ensures a comprehensive onboarding experience.

  • Progress Tracking: Track and evaluate newcomer progress to uncover bottlenecks and ensure timely completion of onboarding tasks.


Development: Continuous Learning and Growth

Supporting employees' continuous development is crucial for their growth and engagement. CLERBO provides tools to facilitate ongoing learning and career development.

Use cases:

  • Micro-learning Courses: Create and deploy micro-learning courses to help employees develop new skills and knowledge at their own pace.
  • Reboarding Plans: Develop reboarding plans for employees returning from a break, ensuring they reintegrate smoothly and are up-to-date with any changes.
  • Interactive Quizzes: Engage employees with interactive quizzes to reinforce learning and assess their understanding of new concepts.


Role Transitions: Seamless Career Progression

When employees transition to new roles within the company, CLERBO helps ensure a smooth and successful transition.

Use cases:

  • Tailored Onboarding Plans: Automate the tailoring of onboarding plans based on the employee’s new role, location, or assigned project.
  • Stakeholder Coordination: Align key stakeholders (manager, buddy, IT, HR) to ensure the employee’s transition is well-coordinated and supported.
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Offboarding: Respectful and Organized Departures

A structured offboarding process is essential for maintaining positive relationships and ensuring knowledge transfer. CLERBO makes offboarding respectful and organized.

Use cases:

  • Offboarding Workflows: Automate offboarding workflows to ensure all necessary steps are completed, from exit interviews to the return of company property.
  • Knowledge Transfer: Facilitate the transfer of knowledge and responsibilities to other team members, minimizing disruptions.