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How Can I Make My New Hire Productive Sooner?

The candidate who got the job feels pretty good—successful, desirable, and ready to go. The paperwork’s signed. They’re in the system. But that doesn't mean they’re in the loop.

Getting the job can seem trivial in comparison with actually being able to do it. What HR calls onboarding covers orientation—to the company, to the position and to the team. It covers training—how things are done here, using what processes and which tools and what software applications, not to mention mastering the duties specific to the job itself. With so many tasks to juggle, it can feel like trying to make a soufflé in a wind tunnel!



Until it happens, a new hire isn't earning their keep.

Even when onboarding happens face-to-face in the same place, it can be tricky. And with many of today’s new hires working from home, it’s even harder.

Time to productivity can start to feel like a marathon and not the sprint that delivers a positive ROI.

Here comes the HOW-TO part.

What you need is a well-designed application that can seamlessly link the preboarding and onboarding processes AND automate both so you can deliver what feels like a coherent and welcoming experience, guiding a new employee from first day jitters to on-the-job competence. One that can create a universally positive experience for new employees, no matter whether they are in the same building, across town or halfway around the world.

Does such a thing exist?

Is it easy for HR to master and easy for the new hire to learn to use?

Does it create a coherent, positive, and cost-effective experience for both sides of the onboarding equation?

The most basic parenting skills tell us that raising a great child requires a couple of decades of care and attention.

It’s not a process you can automate.

On the other hand, guiding a new employee to productivity happens much faster and more smoothly when it’s mediated by a well-made application.

In a world where business needs to integrate and empower a dispersed workforce, digital onboarding more than earns its keep.



Not content to rest on past achievements, global print management leader Y Soft took on the challenge of digital onboarding just in time to have a robust solution ready to go when the global pandemic made face-to-face human relations a dangerous business.

Clerbo is technology designed to promote human connection throughout hiring, preboarding, onboarding and getting a new employee up to speed. By using a smartphone interface that’s easy to use and guaranteed to be germ-free, it then migrates effortlessly to the new hire’s work PC to ensure that the experience is seamless and hassle-free.

Plus, it dramatically shortens the time to new hire productivity.

And that saves money.

Check out how Clerbo can streamline your onboarding process!

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