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ABB Operation Center Europe (EUOPC) Case Study

ABB uses CLERBO for talent preboarding

The ABB Operation Center Europe (EUOPC) has been using CLERBO as a preboarding application for years. The primary motivation behind implementing CLERBO was to bridge the gap between accepting a job offer and the first day of work for new hires.


In the Czech Republic, this transition period can span from several weeks to months, creating a need for effective preboarding processes. Typically, this period involves completing preboarding paperwork, but not much else happens. And that’s a missed opportunity. This time can be used to strengthen the relationship with the newcomer, motivate them, get them excited about their new role, and prepare them for what to expect from their first day.

Regular contact, providing information, and guiding them through the preboarding phase serve as reassurance that the company truly values the new hire and considers them important. It alleviates the stress associated with this life change and reduces the risk that the new hire might decide to accept another job offer.



However, the CLERBO application is not only aimed at newcomers. It also guides managers through the onboarding process, providing information on their role in the process and when they need to participate actively. Additionally, it offers an overview of the newcomer’s progress through preboarding, so the manager always knows what the newcomer has already completed and whether they are progressing according to plan.

ABB regularly collects feedback from newcomers on the CLERBO application and, together with the YSoft CLERBO development team, evaluates user suggestions and adapts the application. For example, it has significantly automated the work of HR administrators in creating preboarding training sessions—the training is pre-generated and personalized based on the newcomer’s entry information, such as role, team affiliation, and location.

Listen to Arnost Zdenkovic, Talent Acquisition Team Lead – Czechia & Slovakia in ABB, who is responsible for newcomer onboarding, describe how the application is used.