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YSoft be3D eDee®

YSoft be3D eDee®

3D Print Management Solution for Education

The first 3D print management solution with comprehensive print management features and an accounting system to manage and recover 3D printing costs.

Benefits of YSoft be3D eDee®

YSoft be3d eDee Solution consists of:

The eDee printer is designed with student safety in mind. It has a fully enclosed chassis for safe operation which can only be accessed when the student authenticates by entering their credentials or with their ID card if optional card reader is built in. The doors automatically lock when printing is in progress which eliminates touching of any moving parts and prevents any other student from taking the 3D object. The printer is controlled by using a 7-inch retractable touch screen.

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YSoft SafeQ as a software license or a subscription service includes Authentication, Print Roaming™ and Reporting modules to enable secure access management, printing on any printer in the network and for usage reports to help manage costs. Optionally there is a pay-for-print system for creating and managing virtual and real accounts to enable schools to charge students and staff to recover costs.

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The eDee printer uses PLA (polylactic acid) filaments, an odorless and non-toxic, bio-degradable biopolymer. Y Soft certifies PLA spool filaments from Y Soft resellers that are optimal and safe for eDee. Filament properties (such as the melting temperature) can vary by color and brand. Y Soft certifies filaments that are optimal and safe for eDee. And, with Print Roaming where students can use any eDee printer, a Y Soft certified filament ensures that the model is produced with the highest print quality and without costly damage to the printing nozzle. One spool of certified white PLA filament is included when you order YSoft be3D eDee solution.

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DeeControl software adds the layering information to your design files when preparing files for the 3D printing process. DeeControl offers optimization templates for faster printing times or more efficient use of materials. The software also estimates the printing time and amount of materials required based on your design and quality settings.

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Why choose YSoft be3D eDee?

“We hear from schools that they buy 3D printers, but often lock them up so students and users cannot access them because there is no way to manage access and costs associated with their use. It defeats the purpose of the 3D printer in education which is meant to motivate student learning. In the end, the printer goes unused.” Tim Greene, IDC Research Director

Manage and Recover Costs

Research shows that nearly 90 per cent of schools with 3D printers restrict student use due to the inability to manage costs. With the integrated YSoft SafeQ print management software and reporting features, schools can understand and manage the ongoing cost of 3D printing materials, called filaments. Reports reflect users, materials consumed and which printers are utilized and when. Schools can optionally use pay-for-print services to accurately recover costs.

Secure Safe Access

Unique to YSoft be3D eDee is Authentication. Authentication means a school can assign access credentials to students (and faculty) with a username/password, a PIN, an optional built-in student ID card reader or a combination of these methods. Students can access 3D printers as needed and 3D prints can be collected only by their rightful owner preventing theft of 3D objects.
The eDee printer is enclosed and doors lock during the printing process which keeps hands away from moving parts and the high temperature needed to melt the filament. For school administrators, full control is possible from managing access rights and reports to overseeing the entire 3D fleet status, its care and utilization. Administrators can receive email alerts when filaments need replacement or for maintenance alerts.

Print Roaming™ – a unique and critical feature for school campuses

Unlike 2D printing, 3D printing can take hours. Students need to be able to use any available eDee printer on campus or one that has the color filament they desire. With Print Roaming, students send their job to YSoft SafeQ and can “roam” to any available printer to print knowing that the filament and print process is optimized for their design.

3D Print Management VS Stand-Alone 3D Printers

Ability to manage secure access to the printer for students and faculty NO YES
Door locks during printing for safety and to secure the finished 3D project NO YES
Network enabled NO YES
Built-in pay-for-print system, with an optional payment machine NO YES
Fact-based reporting on 3D printer usage NO YES
Comprehensive administrative control NO YES
Extendable print management features for 2D (paper) fleet NO YES
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YSoft be3D eDee
YSoft be3D eDee

YSoft be3D eDee is the first 3D print management solution for Education. Download the YSoft be3D eDee datasheet to learn more about this 3D print management solution for Education.

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