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Featured article
Industry focus - print management in healthcare
14 September 2021   YSoft SafeQ
Jim Wieser
Business Development Director
The healthcare industry is like no other with lives literally hanging in the balance. Providing effective care comes with many healthcare business process challenges such as print services. This article looks at how print management can overcome print services challenges allowing staff to achieve the priority of quality patient care.
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Let’s talk about the teachers:
7 benefits of 3D printing
2 August 2021   YSoft be3D
Elke Heiss
Chief Marketing Officer
3D printing is gaining traction in educational institutions across America and the world. Inspiring a new generation of learners, it combines problem-solving skills with creativity and innovation. However, quite often the focus is on how 3D printing can benefit students, not teachers. Let’s change that. I’d like to take a closer look at the seven key teacher benefits of using 3D printing in education.  
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The challenge of the hybrid workforce: Zoom doom, the digital detox, and the rise of print
26 July 2021   YSoft OMNI Series
Bruce Leistikow
Product Marketing Director
The bedrock of a hybrid workforce is digital technology. Keeping staff connected and productive regardless of location has been a lifeline to so many. However, constant screen time and the rise of Zoom doom is quickly making paper, and the printed page, unlikely heroes.
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