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Masterminding an Event & Earning Our Stripes As a Knowledge Platform

In our dedicated blog posts, we’ve investigated use cases for Clerbo. First described as a preboarding and onboarding tool for hybrid workforces, it has grown into an all-encompassing employee lifecycle management software and an integral element of the career lifecycle.

Now, it’s time to see how it has proved itself as a virtual event tool, helping registrants preboard, onboard, and offboard easily – thanks to all key information being readily available at their fingertips.

At a Y Soft’s Partner event, Clerbo was used to invite prospects, enable platform training and group orientation, and provide participants with the conference schedule and detailed instructions on how to find the location and gather their feedback at the end of the event.

Keep reading to discover how Clerbo has transformed into a knowledge platform for training, orientation, and effective reiteration.


I once read an interview with one of the developers of Microsoft Projects, who said it took them a while to understand the breadth and depth of what they’d built. For the record, that platform has morphed through multiple iterations since its 1984 release, most recently becoming a Microsoft 365 Cloud application suite.

Since I joined the Clerbo team, I’ve witnessed something similar. In a short few years, Clerbo has grown from a modest but essential HR app into what we’re now calling a Learning Experience (LX) Platform, one that expedites all phases of the employee lifecycle, from onboarding to mastery, from parental leave to saying goodbye.

Clerbo’s natural habitat is the smartphone, which guarantees that it’s easy to use and always at hand. This makes it the perfect tool for all working people.

As an HR guy by training and avocation, I joined the team developing the app and ended up being in charge of shaping it and marketing the finished product. It’s been a fascinating journey—much shorter but no less rewarding than watching your kids grow from creatures who crawl into beings who dazzle. 

The most recent milestone was helping Clerbo debut—and watching it succeed—as an event management tool.

Let’s discuss the event, “Sky’s the Limit,” which earned Clerbo its new stripes.



The event was a gathering of 120 people. The attendees, a mix of product developers, marketers, and sales folks, gathered to learn, socialize, and celebrate their companies and empower themselves with the use cases of their new Cloud offering in the summer breeze. Along with the event invite, each attendee received and opened the Clerbo app in their browser and was instantly taught how to use it.

Once it was up and running, it delivered a video invitation to the conference. It facilitated registration, presented the conference schedule, and provided detailed instructions on how to get there—right down to finding a cab at the airport. That was all pre-conference prep. In HR terms, its equivalent is preboarding—what happens after a new employee accepts an offer and before the first day of work.



Upon arrival, Clerbo welcomed attendees and provided a floor map, a personalized conference schedule, and a contest to motivate everyone to get oriented and engaged. It directed them to booths, where they could learn more about Clerbo, see some of our robotics team’s innovations—a remote-controlled robotic arm, for example—and talk with the engineers—and, of course, with each other.

In the HR lifecycle, that’s equivalent to the first day of work when not much gets accomplished, but a whole lot of absorption of key information gets done.



Matching the conference's content to the realities of the venue’s floor plan required dividing the 120 attendees into four groups and four mandatory breakout sessions—a recipe for chaos in a non-Clerbo universe but a huge success for our pocket-size app. Clerbo not only divided attendees into four pre-defined groups based in part on their shared interests but also moved them with the precision of a folk dance through the multiple breakout sessions.

It worked! Everybody attending used the event management tool to learn everything they needed to know—in the company of colleagues who shared their interests (And that certainly beats half the conferees wandering the halls or spending their time in the bar or by the pool, right?).



By the time every attendee was exposed to almost all the conference content, they were at ease trusting Clerbo to manage their personal experience of the event.

More precisely, we found that 68% of attendees interacted with the Clerbo before the event—and 57% interacted with it throughout. We’d planned to break out the champagne as a team if the number hit 50%.

Oh, and one more thing... people loved it!

Were there glitches? A few, though fewer than you might expect, from a full-scale live deployment, 120 users strong. We had a member of our development team on hand to observe and intervene, so when a few small issues arose, he was there to address them.



Feedback? We got a lot, most of it positive, mostly through the post-event feedback loop built into the Clerbo app itself. Participating in a full-scale live deployment of “our baby” was enlightening and instructive.

Clerbo’s successful debut as a virtual event tool made us think not just about what our learning experience platform can do but also about enlarging our understanding of what kind of organizations might find useful.

I remember those long, slow lines at university registration, the schedule conflicts, the uncertainty about where to go, when and how to get there, the challenge of finding like-minded friends… 

So, we’ve got a learning experience platform, an event management tool, onboarding, and HR software all in one place? The possibilities seem endless.

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