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Y Soft has signed a global partnership contract with Konica Minolta

Former Communications Director
A global umbrella contract between Y Soft and Konica Minolta was ceremoniously signed in November.

Although both companies have been collaborating together for a long time on different levels, the umbrella contract about cooperation was successfully signed only now. "We had been considering the global umbrella contract for very long time, the negotiations on its establishment date back to 2010. The contract will optimize and synchronize our cooperation at a technical, business and developer level," says Milan Fujita, who led the negotiations for Y Soft with the Japanese partner, about the document’s creation.


Y Soft and Konica Minolta are stable partners, who have already together hand in hand closed many successful business deals. The umbrella contract is the result of a quality partnership that will in turn lead to a further deepening of mutual connections and to improving services. "The parent company of Konica Minolta is openly communicating the signing of this important contract to their local representatives around the whole world at this very moment. We expect that a discussion about improving services, conditions and processes at a local level will follow," concludes Milan Fujita speaking about the impact of the global contract in practice.

The signing of this more-than-one-hundred-page contract is an important step for Y Soft toward the further development and improvement of its product, services and relationships with existing and potential customers.

Karen Lachtanski
Karen is a previous member of Y Soft’s marketing team, previously heading up PR, Analyst Relations and Content Marketing, now managed by Ondřej Pospíšil and Amanda Bäckström.
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