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New features now available in the first YSoft SafeQ 5 Cumulative Update

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Our new system of Cumulative Updates for YSoft SAFEQ 5 enables our partners and end customers to immediately benefit from improvements and new features as soon as they are built into the product – without having to wait until the release of a major new version – and at no additional charge.

Cumulative Updates make all improvements and new capabilities available as soon as they are validated through the Early Access Program. With Cumulative Updates, our partners and end customers will get the latest technology improvements two to three times every year.

What’s new in Cumulative Update 1

The first Cumulative Update includes amazing improvements to three modules – the exciting updates include extended functionality for Mobile Print, additional credit recharge options for the Credit and Billing module and more efficient notifications in Rule-Based Printing. In addition to these updates, we are also introducing one installation package for all our applications and expanding our portfolio of embedded terminals.

Let’s take a closer look at the new features available for you in CU 1.

Mobile Print for visitors

Are you looking for ways to provide easy and secure print services to business partners and other visitors? Mobile Print now lets you provide visitors with access to print services in your building via a secure print queue. Visitors create their own accounts, saving time for your IT department. Visitors can then upload documents via a web interface or as attachments sent to an email address designated for Mobile Print. To collect the printed materials, the visitor just provides a username and password at any printer.

Users can now use vouchers to recharge their credit

Does your organization currently lack the financial resources necessary to purchase YSoft Payment Machine or to employ an administrator to manage accounts via a payment system such as PayPal? Are you unwilling to rely solely on one employee at the counter? We have something designed specifically for you: vouchers for recharging credit accounts for printing and copying.

Users can purchase vouchers at an existing snack vending machine or coffee shop located on your premises – saving you the cost of separate sales locations for vouchers. After purchasing the voucher, the user enters an alphanumeric code in the YSoft SAFEQ web interface to receive the credit.

Instantaneous notification that a rule has been applied

The Rule-Based Printing module facilitates the reduction of printing costs by setting rules for individual users. Examples of settings include converting color prints to black-and-white, converting one-sided printing to double-sided, and blocking large print jobs.

In the past, when a rule was applied, the user only received an alert via e-mail. From now on, any application of these rules will be displayed to users onscreen in a pop-up window and will, therefore, be difficult to miss.

Easy installation – all in one

YSoft SAFEQ and related components can now be installed quickly and easily using a single installation program. This installation package contains everything you need, whether it is the entire YSoft SAFEQ solution, selected modules, or individual applications like Mobile Print Server or YSoft Payment System.

Support for all characters in task titles on YSoft SAFEQ Embedded Terminal

Have you ever had issues with displaying the correct title of print tasks on an embedded terminal printer? YSoft SAFEQ embedded terminals are now fully capable of displaying fonts you never knew existed.

Extended portfolio of embedded terminals

We are constantly improving our terminals and expanding the portfolio of embedded terminals. In addition to embedded terminals for Konica Minolta, Xerox, Fuji Xerox, Ricoh, Sharp and Toshiba multifunction printers, we now offer certified browser-based embedded terminals for Develop, Olivetti and OKI.

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Karen is a previous member of Y Soft’s marketing team, previously heading up PR, Analyst Relations and Content Marketing, now managed by Ondřej Pospíšil and Amanda Bäckström.
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