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Part 1: What is 3D Printing & What Are the Benefits for Education?
YSoft be3D
In the education sector, 3D printing has very real benefits. The technology enables students to engage in the lesson and more quickly grasp relatively complex topics. Teachers also think of new creative ways to deliver their lessons and help their students excel. These are just two reasons why an increasing number of schools and universities are adopting or expanding their use of 3D printing.
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Looking for a Print and Scan Solution For your small business?
Y Soft Corporation
For small businesses, keeping ahead of the competition while managing costs is challenging. Historically, small to mid-sized businesses have struggled to access the latest, best-in-class technology to support their goals.
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Maximize Efficiency & Minimize Costs with YSoft SafeQ Reporting
YSoft SafeQ
Are your organization’s print demands putting you under increasing pressure? Do you need help to identify how you can save the company money and demonstrate the print cost savings achieved?  
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The IT Side of Printing – Precious Resources
YSoft SafeQ
We often talk about how print management and document capture makes organizations more cost-efficient, productive and increases document security. But one area that has a big impact, but often goes unnoticed, is how YSoft SAFEQ enables print administrators to be more efficient.
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Do you know where your connectors come from?
YSoft SafeQ
Scan workflows were introduced in YSoft SAFEQ last year. With it, came a library of connectors – integrations with 3rd party applications and document repositories.
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New Update for YSoft SafeQ: Windows Phone app
YSoft SafeQ
Today we released an update to YSoft SAFEQ: Maintenance Update 5. There are a lot of improvements for print administrators; we added something for users too – support for Windows Phone and that’s the topic for today’s post.  
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Y Soft Ventures Receives Capital Injection
Y Soft Ventures
Managing Partner, Y Soft Ventures
Since 2014, Y Soft Ventures (YSV) has been helping entrepreneurs in Central Europe with funding. But more than that – and what makes Y Soft Ventures different – is that as an in-house venture arm, YSV is able to offer young companies much more.
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