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88 projects from all over the world applied to JIC STARCUBE 2015

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88 projects from all over the world want to be IoT smarter and have applied to JIC STARCUBE 2015.
JIC STARCUBE 2015 is a Czech Republic tech accelerator helping young startups to help create jobs in the region. Y Soft Ventures, as a main sponsor, takes an interest in projects that connect hardware and software.

Super safe data transferring and a chair as a personal health trainer

What are the projects about? Examples of applications include: smart soccer training mat, city-citizen communication tool, pill dosage monitoring, pocket money watcher, cyber vandalism protection, super safe file transfer technology, chair as a health tool, open sourced advanced information systems security, anti-hacking solutions to prevent mass defacements, tool for the balanced lifestyle of your pets and many others.
Participants will be chosen during a one-day workshop during the second half of August. “A maximum of 30 teams will be invited according to the originality of the solution, potential to  succeed in the market and the member’s quality. During the workshop we will focus on the team as one of the key aspects,” says the startup manager, Vojtěch Krmíček. Teams not able to attend the workshop in person can attend virtually.
JIC STARCUBE partners include Flextronics, Konica Minolta, Microsoft and Y Soft; each will have an advisory vote during the selection. Y Soft is very interested in projects that connect hardware and software. “Our know-how gained in the last 15 years of global growth lies in this combination. The team leaders, global scalability and market validation will be also under our spotlight,“ said Y Soft Ventures Miloš Sochor as he describes the criteria for potential investment.

32 countries, 5 continents. 

JIC STARCUBE received applications from 32 countries (covering all continents except Antarctica). The majority of non-Czech applications are from India with Spain and the USA following. The first application was from India and the furthest one came from Australia. The youngest applicant just turned 19 and the oldest is 57.

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