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YSoft SafeQ Latest Software Update passes Ricoh Compatibility Testing

Former Communications Director
Latest software update for YSoft SAFEQ has passed Ricoh's rigorous compatibility testing.

Recently Y Soft announced an update for YSoft SAFEQ bringing new features that continue to help customers reduce print services costs, increase document security and improve employee productivity.

We are pleased to announce that this latest, new version of YSoft SAFEQ has passed Ricoh's rigorous compatibility testing and has been officially signed with a production signature. The compatibility testing ensures the application behaves in compliance with Ricoh standards and is approved for installations in a production environment.
Karen Lachtanski
Karen is a previous member of Y Soft’s marketing team, previously heading up PR, Analyst Relations and Content Marketing, now managed by Ondřej Pospíšil and Amanda Bäckström.
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