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Building 3D Wind Turbines teaches math and physics – to teachers
9 December 2016   YSoft be3D
Daniel Koren
Product Sales Specialist
Does 3D printing in education make sense only for technical schools where teachers and students are familiar with 3D modeling and technology? We developed a special workshop to prove the opposite. Read on.  
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The Middle East’s first, “Gulf 3D Printing Olympiad”
29 November 2016   YSoft be3D
John McBride
Product Marketing Manager, Y Soft Middle East
Aiming to inspire young student entrepreneurs, the theme of the Olympiad was to ‘Design Your First Consumer Product’ – a theme inspired by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum’s vision of innovation for Dubai and the UAE. The participants were asked to design a product and 3D print a model of that product which could help them in their everyday lives.  
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An Analyst’s Take on 3D Print Management
22 November 2016   YSoft be3D
Karen Lachtanski
Director, Global Communications
IDC, a leading research company that studies the emergence of 3D printing technology, has written a Flash report on YSoft be3D eDee, our 3D print management solution for Education. We are pleased to make a copy of the report available to our readers.
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Analytics for Fact-Based Decision Making; NewField IT and Y Soft
16 November 2016   YSoft SafeQ
Noah Nadeau
CTO, Y Soft North America
You can’t control what you can’t measure, right? In order to make decisions about your print infrastructure, you need accurate data. We call this making data driven decisions and it is what our YSoft SafeQ Reporting module delivers.
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