A look at the world’s first fully functioning 3D printed building

John McBride
Product Marketing Manager, Y Soft Middle East
Over the last few months, 3D printing has dramatically changed the way the world looks at 3D printing and its capabilities. That’s why Y Soft and our 3D print partner, 3D Vinci Creations, Dubai’s largest 3D printing bureau, decided to visit the world’s first fully functioning 3D printed building, named Office of the Future.

Office of the Future

The structure of the 3D printed office was constructed using a special mixture of cement and a set of building materials designed and made in the UAE and the United States. These materials have undergone a range of tests in both China and the United Kingdom to ensure their reliability. To provide stability for the building, an arc shape was chosen providing a shell-like structure. With a view to reduce energy consumption, features such as window shades have been added to offer protection from direct sunlight and keep the building cool. (It can get pretty hot here in Dubai!) The latest technology has been used in the management of information systems within the building.

A 3D printing machine, measuring 20 feet high, 120 feet long and 40 feet wide, was used to print the building. The printer features an automated robotic arm to implement the printing process.

3D Vinci Creations

Our partner, 3D Vinci Creations, is one of the largest 3D print shops currently serving the Middle East. Working with the support of i.materialise, an online 3D printing service, they are currently providing one of the widest ranges of 3D print services ranging from metals, plastics and other polymers. 3D Vinci plan to implement YSoft be3D technology into their work shop and also support a wide range of markets with our 3D printing solutions from education to manufacturing and industrial applications.

It was a great pleasure to catch up with Avak, 3D Vinci’s Operations Manager while visiting the Office of the Future. Avak is an ambassador for 3D printing with a depth of knowledge in CAD engineering, product design and 3D printing. I and many governmental organizations and high tech leaders in design and architecture consult with Avak and 3D Vinci daily.

John McBride
John McBride
John McBride is a Product Marketing Manager at Y Soft Middle East working and living in Dubai for more than two years. Originally from Manchester UK, John’s background includes technical sales in high level engineering, construction and manufacturing. At Y Soft, he is focused on YSoft be3D printing solutions.
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