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Crafted in the Czech Republic – with Pride

Recently, our 3D printer manufacturing facility was featured in the Czech Republic media. For Y Soft, it is not just a matter of pride that our 3D printers are crafted in the Czech Republic. As you’ll see, it is also about ensuring quality and contributing to expertise in the Czech labor market.
You can read the original Czech article here. But in case you don’t speak Czech, we’ve provided some information about how we assemble, quality test and create our own prototypes at Y Soft.

Outside of Prague, about ½ hour by train, is Kralupy nad Vltavou, a town in the Central Bohemian region of the Czech Republic. Close proximity to Prague makes it an ideal location not only for YSofters who may have to visit one of the 5 offices we have in Czech Republic, but also because it is close enough to attract skilled tech people coming from university or other Prague-based companies.

The production facility is 650 square meters (just under 7, 000 square feet) and is where our 3D printers are assembled. Y Soft acquired be3D in late 2014 and has kept be3D as the family name for our 3D print solutions.

The team at the Kralupy facility includes assemblers and testers. Others on the YSoft be3D team also come to use the prototyping machine when working on new designs or printing designs for other purposes such as when we print trophy awards. The facility also allows for testing of supported filaments from manufacturers and new, potential filament material for future printers.

The three assembly lines are designed to be scalable and quickly reconfigurable if demand requires it.

And our quality assurance team are trained experts. Today, assembly is not automated and gradual automation may occur as it becomes necessary – so our 3D printers are truly hand crafted today.

Most of the parts used in our 3D printers are sourced from local suppliers. Tomas Mikula, head of manufacturing for Y Soft’s be3D line of printers says, “This enables us to deal with potential quality issues in individual components easily and guarantees the best quality for our customers.”

Keeping manufacturing and using local suppliers contributes to the growing, highly skilled tech community. Y Soft works with local universities to contribute our expertise, supplies internships and is active in tech events. All of these activities helps expands technology in Czech Republic.

When you see one of our 3D printers in action, know that it was created with a lot of Czech pride.
Find Kralupy nad Vltavou on the map.

Head of YSoft be3D manufacturing, Tomas Mikula

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