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New Updates for YSoft SafeQ: MU4

Since YSoft SAFEQ 6 rolled out globally in July, we have been making maintenance updates and adding new features along the way.

In the latest update – called Maintenance Update 4 – we are highlighting 3 key features:
  • Log admin changes for audit
    Many companies have procedures in place to audit IT-related changes to vital services by tracking changes made by administrators. Print infrastructure is a vital service and a means to track and audit administrator changes is required. It is now possible with YSoft SAFEQ to log specific events via syslog. This includes, for example, any administrator changes in system configuration, system access rights and hardware manipulation, even when administrators login/logout.
  • Our scan workflow connector library is growing! We’ve added complimentary connectors for Microsoft SharePoint 2016, Microsoft SharePoint Online (Office 365) and Microsoft OneDrive for Business (Office 365) as part of our Core Workflows module. Our scan workflow team is interested in knowing what 3rd party systems you are interested in and you can tell them about it.
  • Related to scan workflows, we’ve added a faster way for administrators to assign user roles to workflows. For large organizations, there can be hundreds of roles to choose from – too many for a drop down menu and too cumbersome to scroll through. A search function has been added to make this part of workflow creation and editing easier.

Comments are welcomed and we look forward to sharing our next set of new features soon.

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