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Using Workflow Solutions in Our Daily Lives

One of the great things about working at Y Soft is that any employee can actually use the products we create in their daily work life.
We are able to print, scan and route documents automatically. We can also produce awesome 3D objects in the same way.

In the Czech Republic alone we have five different offices. It is not uncommon to send a job to print in Prague and drive to headquarters in Brno, print it out and have it for a meeting with colleagues.

Whenever we develop a new feature or make improvements on YSoft SAFEQ, we install the new version on the paper and 3D printers in all 16 offices we have around the world and let employees test it out. All of this before we share it with our partner community for their feedback.

With our building access badges, we can authenticate at any of our printers at select the jobs we want to print or purge ones no longer needed. Our IT department easily associates access with our user directory so new employees – sometimes 10 or more each month, can easily be given access to any printer from their iPhone (we support Android too) devices and their laptops without installing any print drivers.

Since we support so many different brands of multifunction devices and also manage 3D prints, our main office can look like a printer showroom at times. 

We are also the early alpha testers on other workflow solutions we are working on. For the team of developers, solution architects, designers and others in our R&D department, it’s rewarding to have everyone test and provide feedback. And, for our sales and business representatives, what’s better than being able to use and see the products and the value they provide to our customers?

Anyway, we are building smart businesses, beginning with ours -  and we get to enjoy being a part of new solutions that we use daily ourselves.

Martin de Martini
Martin de Martini goes by Woodu at Y Soft. He ensures our internal processes make sense across our global offices. In addition, as an innovator and visionary at heart, he sees integration of new and game-changing solutions into established global processes as big fun and a challenge to face. And to broaden his perspective, he also travels to customer sites around the world bringing back the voices of customers to the teams in Prague and Brno.
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