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Who Stole my 3D Printed Object?

Has this every happened to you? While at work, you print a document, head over to the printer only to find that someone accidentally picked up your document with theirs? It's not a big deal, you just print it again. (For your company it is costly and Y Soft has solutions for that!).

Imagine if it wasn't a document that printed out in 2 minutes but rather a 3D object that took 5 hours to print. Costs, in terms of time and materials, make this a much bigger problem.
Now think about 3D printing in schools. It's becoming common for schools to offer 3D printers because it is such a fantastic learning aid and helps students become motivated by creating their own 3D objects. How can schools prevent one student taking the print job of another? 

Do they put 3D printers under lock and key in special access rooms? Do they allow only teachers to use them? Neither is practical nor does it give students the benefit 3D printers are providing: letting students learn by creating.

Every 3D printer on the market today is susceptible to someone taking the 3D print because either the print chamber is open or if it is enclosed, the door has no lock.

No one wants a printer with a physical lock and key mechanism on it. That, too, would be burdensome. But students, like employees, have access badges -- those key cards you use to enter your company building, pay for your meal at the company cafeteria -- students use them to access campus buildings, science labs and other specialized access areas.

Y Soft uses this user access concept to give employees and students access to 2D printers and now it can be used on 3D printers too. With a swipe of a badge card, the student can unlock the print chamber door to retrieve the finished 3D print. You can see how easily this works in the YSoft be3D eDee video.

Problem solved.

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