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World Paper Free Day – Nov 4

Chief Product Officer (CPO)
Want to learn more about reducing your paper-based processes? AIIM (Association for Information and Image Management) is hosting a virtual event on November 4 called World Paper Free Day.
We agree with AIIM when they say that reducing paper processes isn’t about turning off your printers. Rather, it is about working smarter and improving your business processes.

YSoft SAFEQ Workflow Suite helps organizations reduce paper-based processes with our automated scan workflows. The technology lets organization increase productivity by making business processes automated and digital. With automated workflows, employees have a simple way to capture paper documents accurately and automatically deliver the documents to pre-defined destinations. (And, we have a lot of great features that make document capture even easier like text highlighting, optical character recognition and barcode recognition).

We are celebrating World Paper Free Day along with AIIM by promoting the virtual event on November 4. The virtual event promises to deliver:
  • Tips and tricks from “Paper-Free Heroes” who have transformed their processes
  • The latest findings from AIIM’s report on “Paper-Free 2016: Are We There Yet”
  • The ability to ask the Heroes and other experts questions and chat with others during the event.
Registration is free and doesn’t require any paper.
World Paper Free Day
November 4, 2016
10:00 am to 12:00 pm Eastern

Wouter Koelewijn
Wouter is responsible for existing and new product direction ensuring that product delivery is smooth while keeping Y Soft at the forefront of new innovations. He is directly responsible for the product management teams.  When not on a plane he loves playing with new technology including drones and Kickstarter projects.
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