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Y Soft Awards 2016 Winners Announced

As we near the end of the calendar year, it is time to have some fun – we all looked forward to the drawing and announcement of the Y Soft Awards 2016 winners.
Y Soft Awards 2016 is an opportunity to acknowledge the efforts and commitment our partners share with us in bringing enterprise workflow solutions to customers around the world. The awards consist of three categories and winners may accept airfare and accommodations to Prague, Czech Republic – and tours to Y Soft offices both in Prague and our headquarters in Brno.
Without further ado, the winners for YSoft Awards 2016 are:
Category: Biggest Win Award
This award goes to three of the biggest regional deals for global licenses – up to two people (sales manager/solutions architect) from each of the three geographical sales regions (Europe/Middle East and Africa; North/Latin America and Asia).
The Winners:
Europe/Middle East/Africa: Olivier Malfois and Pascal Mestdag, Konica Minolta, France 

North America/Latin America: Camilo Galindo and Ricardo Maldonado, Xerox Distribution Group, Groupo PBS Guatamala 
Asia Pacific: An Xu, Shanghai ESE Business System Co., Ltd., China
Category: Best Case Study Award
As voted by the Y Soft partner community:
The Winner: Hedley Partis, Konica Minolta, Australia for the Caltex case study
Category: Rock Star Closer Award
Y Soft chose the winner for this category as special recognition for a job well done in bringing in a great customer story.
The Winner: Christophe Roy, Konica Minolta, Australia
Congratulations to all the Y Soft Awards 2016 winners! We look forward to welcoming you to our Prague and Brno, Czech Republic offices!

Olivier Malfois and Pascal Mestdag, Konica Minolta, France (pictured with Edward O'Meara, Y Soft.)

Christophe Roy, Konica Minolta,                     Hedley Partis, Konica Minolta,
Australia                                                         Australia

Lukáš Maňásek
Lukas Manasek used to be Chief Sales Officer at Y Soft before Morten Sørensen.
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