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YSoft Labs – a Tech Innovation Center

Today we announced YSoft Labs, a tech innovation center where our R & D teams will explore emerging enterprise office solutions. What does it all mean?
We think the enterprise is the new consumer. The 80s and 90s saw Internet-enabled mashups of databases and clever interfaces in consumer apps for things like searching map locations, finding apartments and so on. Now, with low cost hardware, shared economies and Internet-based software, the enterprise is where new innovations will be launched to help businesses run smarter.
Similarly, in 3D printing, the enterprise – be it a University campus or a company who manufacturers car parts – is finding new ways to do things faster and cheaper, learn and experiment and innovate on business models made possible by the new speed of business. While 3D printers are over 20 years old, lower costs, interesting materials and faster speeds are accelerating its adoption faster than ever.
Another area for YSoft Labs is social business process management. But that is a topic for another day. The point is, Y Soft imagines opportunities that match our vision of helping customers build smart business.
And so, YSoft Labs, with a significant re-investment of the company’s profits, is building core competencies in new areas while at the same time continuing to innovate on our current solutions: print management/document capture and 3D printers. Read the press release.
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