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YSoft's Mobile App: A Cost-Effective Solution

There are many mobile printing apps available today. Why is the YSoft SAFEQ Mobile Terminal app any different? Many mobile apps exist for user convenience, and the SafeQ Mobile Terminal app certain is convenient (and cool) for mobile workers.

But there are cost-effective reasons for our mobile terminal too. Here are some scenarios where YSoft SAFEQ Mobile Terminal app can be  used for cost-related reasons:
  1. When the printer does not support embedded technology. Normally, a hardware terminal can be used which may add costs to the overall solution. Using the mobile app instead is a great way to integrate legacy devices into a print management program.
  2. Inexpensive devices, or single-purpose devices such as A4 printers are desired to be part of the print management environment but an external hardware terminal cannot be economically feasible.
  3. Where YSoft SAFEQ does not have an embedded solution for the particular brand/model. While YSoft SAFEQ supports the world's most popular brands and models, occasionally a customer may have a brand/model that is not yet supported.
Another reason might be for a consistent experience across all brands of devices.

In all of these scenarios, the YSoft SAFEQ Mobile Terminal app provides all the benefits of our embedded technology in the palm of the user's hand via their mobile device. Available as an iOS or Android app, the main features and benefits include:
  • Document security -- the app requires the user to authenticate using his YSoft SAFEQ credentials
  • Purge, mark as favorites -- the app presents the user his print queue where jobs can be marked as favorites or purged
  • Supports multiple languages and automatically uses the default language set on the mobile device
  • Works across all printer brands and models
  • Supports Print Roaming -- allows the user to use his mobile to print from any device in your organization
  • Supports QR codes -- utilizes QR (Quick Response) codes for printer identification. The user can scan the code to indicate the printer he wishes to use
  • For Android devices, NFC (Near Field Communication) tags can be used for printer identification. Y Soft provides the app for writing the printer's QR code to an NFC tag
  • Additional finishing options for the identified printer is presented to the user on the mobile device
  • Easy administrative setup through the dashboard web interface

The YSoft SAFEQ Mobile Terminal application is a new feature in YSoft SAFEQ. Learn more.

Download the YSoft SAFEQ Mobile Terminal app:




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