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Do you know where your connectors come from?

Scan workflows were introduced in YSoft SAFEQ last year. With it, came a library of connectors – integrations with 3rd party applications and document repositories.
Y Soft creates, tests and supports these connectors. Why is this important? Consider how often 3rd party applications get updated and the impact on the connector.
Connectors link YSoft SAFEQ to systems outside of SafeQ, as such, they need to adhere to encryption standards and protocols within SafeQ and within the 3rd party application or repository to which it links. Should the 3rd party system change (new version, new standards), the connector has to be adjusted.
By creating these connectors ourselves, we commit to ensuring that it works on today’s version of the 3rd party system and that timely updates will be made should the 3rd party system change. While other solutions may have a larger set of connectors than we do today due to outsourced development, our customers can be assured that our integration support is complete. Our connectors are made by YSoft SAFEQ developers who know our solution inside and out and can develop a clean, well-coded connector and QA it properly. When updates are needed, Y Soft addresses them directly instead of dealing with outsourced development teams who may or may not have time to do the work or no longer exist.
At Y Soft, our commitment is to in-house scan connector development which extends the quality of our overall solution. We treat connectors as part of our product, not simply an add-on. Since these are critical scan workflows, we’ll take quality over quantity any day. If you are investing in a software solution that integrates with 3rd party applications or repositories for scan workflows, ask who develops it and how it supported over time. It’s a question worth asking.

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