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Maximize Efficiency & Minimize Costs with YSoft SafeQ Reporting

Are your organization’s print demands putting you under increasing pressure? Do you need help to identify how you can save the company money and demonstrate the print cost savings achieved?
With YSoft SAFEQ's Reporting module, you can quickly access in-depth analysis of your print environment. YSoft SAFEQ’s comprehensive portfolio of reports give you valuable data at your fingertips, providing all the information you need to optimize your print environment.

The Power to Improve Efficiency
Y Soft recognizes the pressure that IT teams are under with an ever-increasing workload and a need to make their budgets stretch further. Y Soft has developed the YSoft SAFEQ family of software suites to alleviate some of this pressure. The YSoft SAFEQ Reporting module delivers valuable data in a simple and effective visual format. YSoft SAFEQ reporting allows you to choose from pie charts, bar charts or line graphs and you can download your report as an Excel workbook or a PDF. The reports give you the power to improve efficiencies, reduce costs and communicate print usage across your organization without distracting you from your day job.


“Thanks to YSoft SAFEQ reporting, we have identified and managed users who had a history of high volume printing.”

David Field, Senior Category Specialist, Severn Trent Water

Complete Control and Flexibility
You have complete control over what, who and how you share your print reports. You can customize, automate and download the reports in the format you need enabling you to quickly share information with multiple audiences including auditors and C-Level staff.

You can report on the whole organization, a department, device or a single user giving you a complete view of your print environment.

The YSoft SAFEQ Reporting module offers a wealth of benefits. Below are 3 popular report examples:

1. Quantify Print Cost Savings

The powerful Cost Saving Per User Cost Center report shows you the cost savings per cost center and the associated users. It has been estimated that 25% of jobs sent to the printer are wasted. A key facility of YSoft SAFEQ is that a job does not print until the user is at the printer and verifies the job for print. The associated report calculates the savings of print jobs that were never printed due to the user cancelling the job or an automatic deletion, when the user hadn’t printed by a predetermined time.

2. C-Level Print Reports

The Management Report, typically viewed by C-level staff or auditors enables you to report on every aspect of your organization’s print services usage. You control how you cut the data, so your management team has the most relevant information to them on an ongoing basis or as a one-off report. You can report on current usage or demonstrate the success of initiatives already implemented as well as building business cases for new proposals. The example below, is a high-level summary of printed pages.

3. Helping Your Organization to be Greener

The “Green Report” enables you to quickly identify areas of waste and the associated environmental costs including CO2 emissions, trees, water and energy.

It also enables you to share the best and worst performers within your organization in terms of supporting your sustainability initiatives.

The "Green Report" provides sustainability information. Using the Green Report, you can help the environment and reduce your costs by identifying the areas of waste in your organization.

Source: Clean Air Council and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)


CompleteView User Analytics
YSoft SAFEQ’s print reporting provides you with the information you need to improve productivity and save money. With NewField IT’s CompleteView User Analytics Tool, you can also access a more in-depth analysis of your print environment. YSoft SAFEQ easily integrates with CompleteView User Analytics. Learn more about YSoft SAFEQ integration with NewField IT.

Learn more about YSoft SAFEQ Reporting Module.

Let us know in the comments what kind of reports are important to you. Mostly likely, we have them as pre-defined reports or the ability to customize the parameters you need.


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