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Part 5: Creating the right physical environment for 3DP in Education

In this article we present considerations for the actual physical environment for your 3D printers.

This handy, downloadable graphic covers:
  • The printer itself and the safety requirements for student use
  • A 3D printing lab where students in classroom and outside of classroom time can access 3D printers
  • The number of printers needed for your school
  • The ecosystem for 3D printing which includes software for creating 3D models, guides and templates as well as a library of resources and space for students to share with each other

 Download the Creating the Right Physical Environment for 3D Printing in Education graphic. (PDF)

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Introducing 3D Printing into the Classroom is a series of articles designed to help educators and IT administrators in education understand 3D printing, how 3D printing can enhance the learning experience and the considerations about the 3D printing ecosystem. Understanding the 3D printing process, how the solution fits into the classroom and how costs, access and usage can be managed are elements of a successful 3D Printing Program.
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