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Print Management Software as a Service

Vice President, Sales Operations and Support
Good commercial sense for solution providers
Y Soft is committed to providing our partners innovative workflow solutions that help organizations save money, improve productivity, increase document security and reduce waste. We also do this in a way that offers partners ways to grow their business supported by excellent support, services and marketing support and programs.   
In this article, we talk about print management and document capture software as a service and how this brings advantages to Y Soft partners and ultimately, customers.

Predictable, affordable costs for customers
In recent years, many organizations have been transitioning to “as-a-service” IT solutions; paying for IT services in a similar way to that of their cell phone and utilities. The “as-a-service” model is proving highly successful because it enables businesses to release CAPEX, replacing it with a more flexible OPEX model.

At Y Soft, we recognized that the “as-a-service” model could be applied to the imaging and document capture industry to benefit both our customers and partners. This model allows organizations of all sizes to benefit from our latest technology and services for an affordable monthly or quarterly subscription, avoiding a larger, upfront investment.

Predictable revenue for partners
As well as benefiting customers, our SaaS model offers partners the opportunity to grow their business and build a predictable recurring revenue stream.

In January 2017, Gartner predicated that by 2020 more than 80% of software vendors will have changed their business models to a subscription based model. It goes onto recognize Y Soft leading the way as an early adopter of “as-a-service”.

By 2020, more than 80% of software vendors will change their business models from traditional license and maintenance models to a subscription-based model, regardless of whether the software resides on premises or in the cloud.

Gartner, SWOT: Y Soft, Print Software, Worldwide (G00316782)
Published 12 January 2017; Analyst: Lai-ling Lam

Leasing vs SaaS cost comparison
As the diagram below shows, moving to a software subscription model offers customers significant cost savings and removes the need for financing costs. It is important to note that on shorter contracts customers can save even more money.

Modular print management and document capture solutions
A full suite of modular deployment options underpins YSoft SAFEQ subscription pricing. This allows partners to tailor a solution that meets customers’ needs instead of selling a solution that the customer must adapt to or cannot fully use. The flexibility to offer customers only the modules they need now and add additional modules or suites as and when required, gives partners an advantage. And, the software as a service model applies to either the purchase of modules or suites with monthly and quarterly plans available.
In this competitive world, being easy to do business with is a key advantage. Our modular based approach enables Y Soft partners to give customers what they need, when they need it, at an affordable price. In addition, partners can differentiate themselves on the value of the YSoft SAFEQ modular approach:
Payments are based on actual usage of the software on each device, not the number of users or whether the subscription is included as part of your MPS contract or is sold directly to the customer. Either way, no capital expenditure is incurred. The YSoft SAFEQ subscription has been designed to seamlessly align with a MPS business model at no additional cost to partners or customers.

100% Channel
At Y Soft we are passionate about supporting our partners. Unlike many of our competitors, we sell 100% through the channel. We do not sell direct which means we do not compete with our partners. Instead we work with them to ensure we deliver for the customer, using a business models that work for everyone.

By continuing to provide new capabilities and business models like subscription service that meet the needs of the market, our partners are able to increase their range of customer solutions leading to higher revenue.

We would love to hear what you think about the “as-a-service” model. For those who have already transitioned, what advice would you give to other businesses looking to make the change? Use the comments section below to share your thoughts and experiences.
Tomáš Vašíček
Tomáš leads a team of specialists who take care of our partners’ and inside sales' business needs by providing licensing, business models, contracts, anlaysis and reporting, business tools and overall support to help them launch new Y Soft products and support existinging products. He is passionate about connecting Y Soft global sales through communication and service. Tomáš enjoys traveling to meet with and listen to partners and customers for ways to improve. He enjoys playing table tennis and chess, taking mountain walks or working with his two sons in the garden.
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