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The IT Side of Printing – Precious Resources

We often talk about how print management and document capture makes organizations more cost-efficient, productive and increases document security. But one area that has a big impact, but often goes unnoticed, is how YSoft SAFEQ enables print administrators to be more efficient.
Anything that can help IT be more efficient means IT resources can be spent adding value elsewhere. Recently, a bank customer told us he had twelve IT personnel supporting print infrastructure and now, with YSoft SAFEQ, five of them can now work on other important projects.  

So what part of print management and document capture is currently taking IT’s precious resources? While consolidating hardware infrastructure is important from a capital expenses point of view, there are other costs that factor in the total cost of ownership for print services besides the printers themselves and the consumables. These include managing print servers, distributing print drivers, servicing IT help desk tickets and managing multiple vendor contracts.

IT Help Desk – I need help printing on a printer!
In the bank example above, IT staff were freed up largely in part because staff no longer had to help employees print on local printers when working in another office. Typically, when an employee needed to print from another building or when in another office they filled out an IT help desk ticket to get direct access to the local printer. In a large organization, this problem is scaled multiple times a day, every day.

YSoft SAFEQ’s Print Roaming enabled bank employees to print on any printer in the organization’s network without IT intervention. Employees submit their print job as they normally do and release the print job from any printer.

IT administration of multiple solutions
How much of your time is spent managing 3rd party solutions for your print services infrastructure? With many organizations undergoing a digital transformation, scan workflows, such as those found in YSoft SAFEQ Enterprise Suite, empower employees to complete common scan tasks much quicker by using scan workflows that have pre-defined capture settings, optical character recognition (OCR), file name protocols and automatic, secure digital workflow delivery.

If this capability is a separate application, with separate contracts, support procedures and overall administration, the workload for IT increases. YSoft SAFEQ takes a platform approach and scan workflow capabilities are an easily added feature within the same SafeQ solution contract with the same support procedures and a seamless administration through the same web interface.

Mobile Print
Another area spent on IT resources is managing mobile printing. While supporting the company’s BYOD initiatives are important, security of print documents are also important. YSoft SAFEQ’s Mobile Print and YSoft Wireless Print provide the mobile convenience for users and the security for IT.

Lastly, mobile printing is applicable from any device with an e-mail client application. Users just send a document for printing to a dedicated e-mail address and SafeQ manages printing. No print drivers are needed at the user workstation.

Are there high value projects your IT staff could be working on instead of help-desk tickets and administration for printer access? We think so too.

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