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The robots are not taking over… or are they?

Robots are not taking over the Y Soft R&D department yet, but they are certainly in use. In our robotic lab, we enjoy creating the robots and the systems that run them. These robots help out a lot in repetitive testing steps and they are a lot of fun to watch.
In this video, called RQA for Robotic Quality Assurance, you’ll see our robotic arms in action: performing testing of YSoft SAFEQ on multifunction devices (MFDs) and mobile phones as well as on the touchscreen display of YSoft be3D eDee, our 3D print management solution.

There are many different black box testing projects that these robots are tasked to perform. In our robotic lab, these systems help us further explore Industry 4.0 as we think about new, innovative solutions. The robot project also benefits from our Applied Research and University Relations program where we partner with local universities.
In addition to endurance testing, the robot systems assist in taking measurements. For example, the robots measure how long it takes from the time a button or input is made to the time the expected action takes place. This might be something like, how long does it take from tapping the login button to getting the next screen. While the time may be different depending on the MFD or whether it is an embedded or external terminal, the teams can see the results and strive to make these measurements better.
Once the robot system is set up, it is easy to design and create new tests. The amount of data that is collected is amazing. The robots are tireless but best of all they are self-learning. Wait a minute, maybe they will be taking over!

Jakub Pavlák
Jakub focuses on the automation for QA processes designed for large-scale HW/SW solutions, while challenging HW specific areas, and looks to the future toward Industry 4.0. Jakub also leads the infrastructure team, which provides R&D engineers infrastructure for development, building, verifying and delivering our SW and HW products.
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