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Workflows in action (Video)

In our recent series on Automated Scan Workflows, we talked about how digital document workflows can be a step on your journey toward a paper light office. For the user, scan workflows are simple and familiar to use on the multifunction device eliminating confusing menus and inconsistent capture settings.
For the organization, digital document workflows means employees are more productive. Consistency and accuracy are also improved. There are many different office scenarios where paper-based processes are inefficient and, for many millennials entering the workforce, an antiquated way of doing things.

In this video, one such office scenario is a tax preparation office. This is where we find Eva, who works with customers to get their tax files so that Alex, the tax preparer, has what he needs to create the tax filing. The business hums along smoothly when documents with a barcode are scanned, consistently named, delivered to a shared network folder and Alex is automatically notified that they have arrived.

Or view the video filmed on a Xerox device.

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