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Reflecting on 2017 – Growth and highlights

Today we shared information about our growth over the last fiscal year and reflected on the year’s highlights.
The graphic below shows our growth in number of customers, a regional breakout of where customers are and a regional breakout of how that looks from a revenue point of view. Click here to see data from fiscal year 2016.
When we released the information in 2016, at the same time, we announced an expanded global relationship with Xerox. Since the US is home to some of the world’s largest enterprises, it is rewarding to see the growth in the NALA region. The size of these organizations is also reflected in the increase of customers who are listed on the Global Fortune 500 list. These are big organizations!

The Middle East/Africa region also saw significant growth keeping our offices in Dubai and Israel very busy particularly in the last six months of the fiscal year.
In all regions, we are very proud to work with partners who share our dedication for excellent products, service and support no matter the size of the customer.
Our global presence also grew in 2017 with a new office and channel partner in China. Our R&D facilities expanded to an additional office in the Czech Republic, and most recently, our manufacturing facility moved out of our headquarters office into their own, nearby building. This move gave them much needed space to expand their capabilities and volume capacity. Our manufacturing teams not only create hardware products for YSoft SAFEQ, but they also design, test and produce prototypes for our own R&D efforts for projects in YSoft Labs. Plus, our Y Soft Venture portfolio companies use our manufacturing know-how to product their IoT-related hardware solutions. The larger facility gives them the room for all these activities plus logistic and distribution office space for staff in addition to the warehouse space needed to support customers throughout Europe and the Middle East. (Warehouses in Dallas, TX and Singapore support the other regions.)
We are also seeing significant results from our Global Operational Excellence (GOE) Framework® since its formal introduction last year. Whether a customer has 50 multifunction devices or 5000, the same care must be given to fully understand the customer’s goals and expectations and plan to meet or exceed them. By using the Framework, we’ve proven that doing the right steps up front, asking the right questions and using our 17+ years of experience makes a difference. Working closely with our partners, we have significantly decreased the time from first point of contact to final deployment. The ultimate measurement of course, is to do so with happy customers at the end. Our Proactive Care teams take this seriously and help our Partners provide excellent ongoing support.
These achievements would not be possible without our community of Partners and the YSofters around the world. From Y Soft solution architects, support and service, sales and marketing, R&D and operations staff who interact with our Partners and customers on  daily basis to the support staff in finance, Legal, HR and, last but not least, the leadership team…thank you!

Lukáš Maňásek
Lukas Manasek used to be Chief Sales Officer at Y Soft before Morten Sørensen.
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