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Y Soft Inside…Your Android Mobile Device

It’s pretty cool when a company, known for its enterprise software, can now say that its software is used by consumers too. That is what is happening now with YSoft SAFEQ. What?
Let me explain.

The Mopria Alliance, an organization whose goal is to make mobile printing as easy as it is from your home or office PC, has created the the Mopria Print Service, an industry standard that enables Android app developers to add the ability to seamlessly print from their mobile app.

You see, Android users typically had to download print drivers or do a lot of configuration settings on their computer in order to print to their home or office printers. Now, apps that use Mopria Print Service can offer mobile printing as an app feature, including the popular Share to Print feature, and it will wirelessly locate available printers and present them to the user to choose. As a standard, the app developer and the user are assured that it will work across the major printers.

Where does Y Soft and YSoft SAFEQ fit in?

Y Soft has worked with the Mopria Alliance to be the print server supporting the Mopria Print Service. We did this by creating a mobile integration gateway to the YSoft SAFEQ print server. And today, we are happy to announce that the Mopria Alliance has certified YSoft SAFEQ as the first print server for the Mopria Print Service. That’s shiny!

Any Android user who wishes to print from their favorite personal or business app will be touching YSoft SAFEQ (without even knowing it – it’s that seamless!). Newer Android devices (those with the Oreo version of Android) have the Morpria Print Service already installed.  Older Android devices can download the Mopria Print Service from the Google PlayTM store.
Tomáš Líška
Tomáš started with Y Soft during his last year at university where he wrote his diploma thesis in cooperation with YSoft. After graduation, he joined Y Soft on a full time basis. During his free time, he likes to go hiking, biking or, during the winter, snowboarding. He also enjoys watching a good movie. Last but not least … technology. New technologies, gadgets, inventions and everything related to them. He loves reading about them and playing with them.
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