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Y Soft Ventures Receives Capital Injection

Managing Partner, Y Soft Ventures
Since 2014, Y Soft Ventures (YSV) has been helping entrepreneurs in Central Europe with funding. But more than that – and what makes Y Soft Ventures different – is that as an in-house venture arm, YSV is able to offer young companies much more.
Using resources from Y Soft, YSV has helped companies accelerate their global footprint by offering sales and marketing support, manufacturing expertise, purchasing power, R&D mentorship, business and financial management mentorship and much more. Sometimes, you can’t put a price tag or dollar amount on the resources we offer.

YSV portfolio companies like Comprimato, Sewio, Lumitrix and Grey Cortex are successfully establishing themselves in their respective fields with YSV assistance. For example, in addition to general managerial, financial and legal guidance, we helped Sewio with their ordering, logistics and manufacturing by using our manufacturing facilities and resources. We leveraged Y Soft’s business network and introduced Sewio and Grey Cortex to new customers and we helped Sewio and Lumitrix with their positioning and messaging.

Central European VCs operate slightly different than your typical Silicon Valley VC community.
The culture of trusting somebody else to invest your money is not fully mature. The majority of  wealthy individuals in the Czech Republic (CZ) tend to invest into more conservative and proven investments (real estate, manufacturing companies, bonds, etc.) and find startups too risky. This is very slowly changing as we begin to see more and more success stories (exits, rapid growths, etc.).

Those that are willing to accept the risk of startup investing want to co-invest or, in some cases, they want be invloved in the company management based on their previous management experience. It is very seldom in CZ that an investor is willing to trust another party with their money when it comes to startups (aka passive investor/limited partner).

We also had a few interested parties  that told us to come back after our first success (exit) and that they would invest with us. 

Adjusting to these conditions, Y Soft Ventures recently restructured to include several external business partners and received a capital injection of several million USD. The restructure includes the creation of a management company, Y Soft Ventures Management, which is owned by Y Soft Corp and is currently controlling Y Soft Ventures. Y Soft Ventures will continue its successful business model under the oversight of Y Soft Ventures Management and external business partners. Milos Sochor, Managing Partner of Y Soft Ventures will take on the additional role of heading the board of Y Soft Ventures Management.

Central Europe continues to produce young CEOs with innovative ideas. When Y Soft Ventures was established, the goal was to give these CEOs the opportunities that didn’t exist when Y Soft was first formed. That still lives on and there is a healthy pipeline of investments coming up in the near future.

Y Soft Ventures looks for proposals from companies who have enterprise innovations in Internet of Things and Industry 4.0 incorporating both hardware and software in their solutions. Interested innovators should visit Y Soft Ventures and contact Milos Sochor directly.  
Milos Sochor
Milos Sochor is the Managing Partner of Y Soft Ventures, the VC arm of Y Soft Corporation. When he is not busy building a community of Central European innovative startups with global business potential or scouting for new opportunities to enhance Y Soft Venture's portfolio, you have a pretty good chance of spotting Milos riding alpine passes or racing circuits on one of his motorcycles.
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