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Featured article

Featured article
True Print Management Scary Stories for Halloween
31 October 2022   YSoft SafeQ, YSoft SAFEQ Cloud
Do you believe in true scary stories in the realm of print management? Leaves are falling and the pumpkins are carved–it’s Halloween again. Everyone loves a good scary story, and in the spirit of this spooky holiday, here are three. Ghosts, witches, data breaches, and inefficient workflows are enough to give us all the shivers. But no need to panic, there are a few bright-orange antidotes for you to pick between.
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Can your print environment help you retain talent?
13 October 2022   Y Soft Corporation, YSoft SAFEQ Cloud
Product Marketing Director
Workers around the world are continuing to quit their jobs in record numbers. ‘The Great Resignation’ is challenging employers to look at how they can retain talent. Technology has much to offer to help with this, but what about the humble print environment? Let’s look at how Cloud printing and print management can help.
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Print, Print Management and Cloud: A Y Soft Primer
27 September 2022   Y Soft Corporation, YSoft SAFEQ Cloud
Business Development Director
Weather reports aside, the Cloud is a data center (or multiple linked data centers) with a robust, secure Internet connection. Cloud vendors maintain and support the data center and its tenants, in compliance with the appropriate Service Level Agreements (SLAs).
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Additional stories

What does zero trust mean for your printing?
15 September 2022   Y Soft Corporation, YSoft SafeQ
Business Development Director
Security models are changing, but what about your print environment’s security? Let's take a look at the concept of zero trust security and what this means for your printing in the face of sophisticated cyber threats and risks.
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How to choose your print management solution provider
1 September 2022   Y Soft Corporation, YSoft SafeQ
Business Development Director
You’re ready to take the plunge and jump into finding a print management solution. Whether you want to save money, boost efficiency, or support your digital transformation goals, finding a trusted expert partner to help with your print environment is crucial. But how do you find the right solution and provider for you? Read on for our top five questions to ask to help you find the perfect partner for your printing needs.
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