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Certified for Citrix

Solution Architect, Customer Support and Services
For organizations who choose to a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), Citrix XenApp & XenDesktop are often used. A virtual desktop can provide a less expensive alternative to laptops and workstations, added security and makes it easier for IT to maintain and manage the applications and operating systems across the entire organization from one central location.
We are often asked if YSoft SAFEQ supports these Citrix solutions and the answer is --- yes!
We made it official by having Citrix certify the latest version of YSoft SAFEQ. You’ll find YSoft SAFEQ listed in the Citrix Market Ready catalog.
Many different scenarios can be deployed either as a centralized or decentralized print infrastructure and YSoft SAFEQ can be used within the Citrix VDI in any scenario. Our solution architects and partners are trained on deploying YSoft SAFEQ in a Citrix VDI environment. We are pleased to be officially certified by Citrix.

Martin Kazík
Martin has been an IT professional for more than 6 years. He used to work as an ERP systems specialist and business process analyst. In Y Soft, he focuses on architecture designs of the YSoft SAFEQ system for customers around the globe. His experience with programming and scripting also helps him to fulfill any special customer requirements.
In his free time, he enjoys sports, travelling, reading, movies and one of his passions is cooking.
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