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Embracing digital transformation – Real-life examples

Digital transformation is a hot topic and in recent months we have discussed the opportunities it offers organizations. In this article, we look at four of our customers from different industries and how they have successfully embraced digital transformation across their print, copy  and scan environments, improving efficiency, security and productivity as well as reducing costs.



Embracing automation & reducing costs

Company:       Nielsen Holdings
Industry:         Data Analytics
Geography:     Global Corporation

As a global leader in the data and analytics sector, it is important for Nielsen to adopt new technology and embrace change in order to stay ahead of its competitors. As part of their digitization strategy Nielsen wanted to reduce the number of printers and copiers. They wanted to replace them with smaller, faster and cheaper multifunctional devices (MFDs) that would support digital workflows.
New MFD devices were installed in Nielsen’s two Australian offices. With YSoft SAFEQ, Nielsen can report on user behavior and in turn identify cost saving opportunities.

“We can give business users and managers a report that shows who is the highest printer user. We can use that information to identify whether people are printing unnecessarily and if there are ways to reduce the amount and cost of the printing they do. In the past, we had to manually manage people’s access to printers, which was time consuming and not always efficient or accurate.” 

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Supporting multi-site organizations with a flexible workforce

Company:       Tameside Metropolitan Borough Council
Industry:          Public sector
Geography:     United Kingdom

Tameside Metropolitan Borough Council provides a vast range of services from various sites and offices, including children’s homes and libraries. In a multi-service, multi-site organization with a flexible workforce, Tameside needs to ensure all of its employees can easily print, scan, copy and share documents. As well as enabling their workforce to print, scan and copy from multiple locations, Tameside also need to be able to quickly move devices between offices as demand changes across their many sites. This was something they had previously struggled to do. If any MFD needed to be moved, an IT support ticket had to be raised and they were at the mercy of IT’s time which was extremely limited.  

After installing YSoft SAFEQ, Tameside saw an 11% reduction in print thanks to the reporting and rule based print and scan functionality. The flexibility of YSoft SAFEQ has also delivered huge benefits to Tameside, enabling the IT Administrator to manage the print environment and move MFD’s as demand changes, without IT intervention. With YSoft SAFEQ, Tameside can now support the print, copy and scan needs of its multiple sites and flexible workforce.

“With YSoft SAFEQ, I do not have to rely on IT to make changes. The dashboard also allows me to see all our licenses which makes my life much easier.” 

Read the complete Tameside case study here

Reducing costs and providing client transparency

Company:       Kreisson
Industry:         Legal
Geography:    Australia

As a legal services organization, Kreisson were looking for a more effective print management platform that would speed up and improve reporting and billing accuracy. Clients were also asking for greater transparency so Kreisson wanted more granular reporting that they could share with clients.

With YSoft SAFEQ, employees simply enter a code at the multifunction device before scanning, printing, or photocopying, and the activity is automatically captured for end- of-month billing. The solution lets users allocate codes to a specific activity or clients, so the correct amount is charged back to the right client.  YSoft SAFEQ also provides the Kreisson team with near-real-time visibility into how costs are tracking. This proactive approach and complete transparency adds value to Kreisson’s services as well as reducing their own costs.

“The YSoft SAFEQ management reports are comprehensive and easy to access. We can see what document was printed how many times by whom, so we can find out when people are printing excessively. This helps us save money and reduce the number of pages we print, which also reduces wear and tear on the printer, and reduces the amount of toner we use. It all adds up.” 

Read the complete Kreisson case study here

Ensuring confidentiality & reducing costs

Company:       Boehringer Ingelheim (BI)
Industry:         Pharmaceuticals
Geography:    Global Corporation

As a global, research-driven pharmaceutical company, security and confidentiality is paramount to Boehringer Ingelheim. As well as reducing the number of MFDs in order to reduce costs Boehringer Ingelheim wanted to improve security and confidentiality. Prior to implementing YSoft SAFEQ, managing security and privacy proved difficult when it came to printed documents, since an uncollected document could sit on the printer and be picked up by anyone in the organization.

By implementing YSoft SAFEQ in its Australian location, Boehringer Ingelheim were able to reduce the number of MFDs from 17 to 11 without experiencing any loss of performance. With YSoft SAFEQ’s pull printing function, the business absorbed the reduction in printers and improved security.  Employees can collect their documents from the closest printer to them, rather than having to print to a specific device and the job will only print once the person has logged in at the MFD.

YSoft SAFEQ has enabled Boehringer Ingelheim to reduce costs and improve security. The company can also run monthly reports on printer use and allocate costs to appropriate departments.

“With the Y Soft solution, we’re not having to do much recycling and we’ve reduced the print amount by as much as 90 percent.” 

 Read the complete Boehringer case study here


If you are looking to digital transformation to help reduce costs, improve productivity and add functionality, previously unavailable to you, your print, scan and copy environment can be a good place to start. YSoft SAFEQ offers you a quick and effective platform to help you embrace digital transformation.

Are you either embarking on or already on your digital transformation journey? We’d love to hear your stories and any lessons learned along the way.  Please share your experiences in the comments section below.

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