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Knowledge is Power

Here at Y Soft we are committed to ensuring that all of our partners are highly trained and knowledgeable about our products and services. Why? Because we are committed to providing the best enterprise software to the people who rely on our software in their organization -- you.
That is why we invest heavily in our tailored partner training programs so that customers receive an excellent end to end experience. Our unique and certified series of extensive solution, technical and hardware courses, ensure that each of our partners have achieved the necessary knowledge and expertise to advise, design and implement solutions for our customers.

Our promise to customers
Our certified training program guarantees that our partners can:
  • Offer you the right YSoft SAFEQ Suites or modules to address your specific challenges and needs.
  • Design solutions according to your specific requirements to ensure full functionality is achieved within your print ecosystem.
  • Ensure accurate and expeditious deployment, supported by the YSoft GOE Framework.
  • Provide excellent end-to-end service and support.
Assuring expertise at every stage
Our courses cover 4 key elements:
  • Advising – Ensuring all our partners’ account teams fully understand our solutions to match them accurately to your requirements.
  • Design – In depth knowledge of our product features. This is fundamental to ensure the solution is designed for your current print infrastructure architecture and that it is scalable to grow as your company grows.
  • Deploy – Technical expertise training to ensure successful and expeditious deployment in a range of print environments whether this is an initial proof of concept or a phased rollout.
  • Support – A deeper understanding to ensure technical support can identify any potential issues before or during deployment to ensure these are prevented or managed effectively and efficiently.
Role based training
Y Soft offers a wealth of training across a number of different support levels to ensure that each team member has the knowledge that they require. Our levels of training are specifically designed to support various job roles. This means that you have complete peace of mind that our partners can advise you during at every stage.
For example, we offer different sets of training courses and exams for account managers and product managers than what is offered to solution architects and support staff.

eUniversity: Our exclusive interactive online partner portal is available anytime, anywhere. A combination of reading materials and interactive videos ensure that all our partners understand our solutions and can accurately match the features to customers’ requirements.  At the end of each course the participant must successfully pass an exam.

Training delivery
We take our position as educator and the process of knowledge transfer seriously and understand that one size does not fit all. So, we deliver our specialized and unique training courses across three different formats.

Instructor led web-based training: The instructor led web training supports more practical training, for technical subjects. A web based practical test and exam is taken at the end of course.

Face to face instructor led training: To ensure our partners’ technical teams are Y Soft experts, we offer face to face onsite training in all the countries we operate. In addition, bespoke training courses are held in our HQ in Brno. By investing heavily in technical training, we guarantee the expertise of our partners.

Proven success
The real highlight of our training program is seeing the direct impact it has on deployment times and overall customer satisfaction. We are continually reviewing and improving both our eUniversity and instructor-based courses to ensure our partners are continually trained and certified.

Partner Education - by the numbers


Continual improvement
As well as investing in initial training, we believe in continual improvement to ensure customer satisfaction. Therefore, we offer refresher training and course feedback is gathered after every training session and used to optimize existing courses and identify new ones. In this way, customers can be assured our Partners are fully trained and up to speed on all our new features.
To find out more about how our partner network has successfully deployed Y Soft solutions for customers like you and helped improve their business click here.
If you are a provider and would like to join the ranks of our existing partners who already benefit from our partner program training, contact us directly to get started.
Tomáš Martoch
Tomáš´ responsibility is to look after education programs for Y Soft business partners. His main goal is to share the required knowledge in the most professional and digestible way. His job is his passion much like his love for his family, his garden and an active lifestyle.
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