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SMBs can get ahead of the game in 2018

The need for print management and document capture is applicable to businesses regardless of their size, whether you are a startup undergoing rapid expansion or a large organization dealing with mergers and looking at global expansion.
If you are a small to medium business, you have additional considerations to take into account when looking at how you can stay ahead of the game in 2018. In addition to the benefits that print management and document solutions provide, your small to medium business is likely concerned about protecting your cash flow and how what you invest in today can scale as you grow.

Protect cash flow & access the latest technology
As a smaller company, your ability to access the latest technology can be a challenge due to typically high costs, long contracts and fewer options.  However, with subscription based pricing on software and support, your organization can enjoy the latest print management and document capture technology without upfront capital investment. Paying on a monthly or quarterly basis protects your cash flow, provides consistent and predictable costs for your company’s finance department and makes access to technology achievable.

Since 2015,Y Soft has led the way as the first to offer software and services as a subscription. This subscription service has been rolled out globally across our complete print management and document capture offering. For your small to medium business, a print management and or document capture subscription service means it can be allocated as an operating cost instead of a capital expenditure which is an attractive proposition.

Support growth and protect your investment
It is hard to justify purchasing a large application especially when you are not ready to use all the features; this all or nothing approach just doesn’t work for your small business. Instead, you need technology that will work for you today and as your needs grow in the future. Investing in a platform where you can buy individual modules and then easily add additional modules seamlessly supports growth while only paying for what you need now.

This is what Y Soft offers, with our software available in a choice of both modules and suites. For example, if you are starting with print management, Y Soft offers either the complete YSoft SAFEQ Print Management Suite which offers the best value for the price, or individual modules giving you just the particular features that you need. The platform approach, YSoft SAFEQ Platform, ensures you have the flexibility for your growth and all of the additional features are added on without significant changes to the print infrastructure, needing any independent support or separate licenses and contracts, protecting your investment.

Prepare for a great year ahead
For small businesses, efficiency and productivity are vital and this can become increasingly difficult to manage as a business grows. Being dynamic and competitive drives success and Y Soft has designed its solutions to support your business at every stage of your growth. From reducing print costs to offering subscription based, modular solutions, we pride ourselves on supporting our customers to get the most out of their print management and document capture environments.

We would love to hear how you are preparing for the year ahead, what did you learn from last year and how has this impacted your planning for 2018? Please share your experiences in the comments section below.

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